Dream Team: AnswerForce + CRM Integration

June 15, 2015

With a proven track record of increased customer retention, laser-focused marketing, and improved prospect tracking, it’s no surprise CRM applications are one of the fastest growing industries when it comes to enterprise software. One survey shows 91% of businesses consisting of 11 employees or more use a CRM to manage customer relationships. Information technology research company Gartner has projected CRM software to be a $36.5 billion dollar industry by 2017. Yet despite the popularity of CRMs, most companies are missing out on 80% of their benefits—including integration—and those that do take advantage of integration are inputting customer information manually. That’s where we come in.

Business man working on a laptop

When integrated with your preferred cloud-based CRM, AnswerForce becomes much more than an answering service. We become a key component of your customer relationship management. Here’s how it works. We answer your current or potential customers’ calls with our warm, professional virtual receptionists and take down detailed and accurate information according to your criteria. That info is then pushed into the relevant fields of your CRM seamlessly, instantly.

AnswerForce CRM integration allows you to act on leads quicker, track feedback automatically, streamline your workflow and take advantage of all the benefits of a CRM. Check out the ever-growing list of CRMs that currently integrate with AnswerForce. After all, managing customer relationships should begin with the first “hello.”


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