You can't send people to voicemail
in our business

- Mike Sugg, Fish window cleaning Franchise Owner

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FISH Window Cleaning

Mike already had a successful franchise when he decided to grow his business with an additional office location in May 2016. He chose AnswerForce to answer his phones and do a whole lot more. Mike's background in computer science and IT made him more open-minded to using technology to improve Fish Window Cleaning's business processes.

Service-based franchises are uniquely placed to reap the benefits of AnswerForce. AnswerForce helps entrepreneurs like Mike to focus on what they do best while leaving the rest to us.

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The idea of having anyone else answer your phones or schedule appointments is very foreign to franchisees.

Mike Sugg

Services Offered

The AnswerForce Solution
  • Live Chat icon
    Automated call
    forwarding software.
  • Call service agent icon
    Friendly live
    receptionist 24/7/365.
  • Desk phone icon
    Free Setmore appointment
    scheduling software

Why be chained to your office and phone.
Stop missing phone calls


The Outcome
  • appointment booked
    Online appointments booked.
  • order taking
    Calls taken by AnswerForce.
  • URL indicatoe
    appointments booked, through phone calls, estimated at a value of $13,500.
  • Chart
    Increase in ROI - Return On Investment.
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