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AnswerForce: Answering Jacksonville's calls.

AnswerForce helps your Jacksonville business grow with 24/7 live answering. We give you a live inbound call center, virtual receptionist service, live web chat service, and lead capture. AnswerForce even integrates with your CRM to fit into your existing workflow.

As the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville is home to a diverse group of businesses. From Fortune 500 companies to the Cecil Commerce Center to its deepwater port (the second-largest on the East Coast), Jacksonville is known for being an economic leader and powerhouse. Whether your business is large or small, AnswerForce is here to take your business to the next level.

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  • Professional Staff Overhead Icon
    Professional staff
    without the overhead.
    You could spend $38,787 a year on one receptionist, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Or you can get an entire team of virtual receptionists available 24/7. No sick days. No holidays. At a fraction of the cost.
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    Ditch the office...
    and the lease.
    The average cost of a 500 square-foot Jacksonville office is $622 a month. What are you really paying for? A virtual office has all the perks without the costs.
    1,974 sq. ft costs
    $3,086 avg.
  • Anytime Available Icon
    Save around the clock.
    Even if you could justify the cost of a modest office staffed with professional employees, the benefits stop at closing time. AnswerForce keeps working after hours. We never flip the "closed" sign.
  • $3,800
  • 1,974 sq. ft costs
    $2,455 avg.
  • 8h


Jacksonville Business Resources
  • Florida Small Business Development Center

    Keep up-to-date on small business events, apply for loans and grants, and find local assistance at the Florida Small Business Development Center.

    Visit website
  • Office of Economic Developments

    If you need financing through local, state, or federal programs the Office of Economic Developments is a great resource.

    Visit website
  • Jacksonville Women's Business Center

    The Jacksonville Women's Business Center is dedicated towards helping women entrepreneurs through every stage of business development.

    Visit website
  • JAX Chamber

    Find a mentor, consult with experts, and build a valuable network at JAX Chamber.

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