Restoration 1 dials up
to 99% of calls answered
thanks to 24/7 support.

  • 4,739

    calls answered as of
    September 2020

  • 1,083

    new customer enquiries
    received via AnswerForce

  • $4.1 million

    potential revenue growth based
    on new customer engagement


Restoration 1 + AnswerForce partnership:
supporting callers through times of crisis.

  • Rapid response time is vital for restoration firms. When customers face a crisis, they need urgent help getting their life back on track. A successful restoration contractor needs to be the first to respond, and to do so with compassion.

    Trust is just as important. Customers want to hire a company capable of guiding them through extremely difficult experiences. To that effect, nothing instills confidence and trust more than a real human connection. The importance of these factors led to a customer-centric partnership between AnswerForce and one of the country's largest restoration firms, Restoration 1.

  • Quotes
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    After hours call answering provides peace of mind. Our customers feel reassured that they'll be taken care of.

    Jay Holland
    Vice President of Franchise Systems for Restoration 1

Restoration 1 activates a
24/7 response strategy.

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    24/7 lead capture
    and live support
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    Appointment booking
    via a live scheduler
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    Team collaboration with
    the AnswerForce app

Discover why Restoration 1
trust AnswerForce.

Jay Holland knows what it takes to provide great service. Serving as Vice President of Franchise Systems for Restoration 1, Jay has long advocated for 24/7 availability and 100% call answering success. Read on to discover the strategies that have unlocked more business for Restoration 1.

  • Restoration 1 has grown rapidly. Which opportunities inspired you to seek a 24/7 live answering service?

    Four years ago, we had 18 locations. Today, we have 250 and we receive an average of 800 calls a day. Restoration 1 covers around 15,000 zip codes, so there's always something happening.
    Yet, it turned out that we were missing 34% of calls that came to us after normal working hours. Something had to change.
    What solution helped Restoration 1 bridge that gap?

    When we were looking for a call center, we wanted one with a hybrid approach. We needed a service that could handle national accounts, but also allow our local franchises to answer their own calls, with backup support to cover after hours inquiries.
    Furthermore, we needed 24/7 availability. Approximately 25% of the calls we receive after 5pm are new service calls. We recognized that the consistency of capturing that extra business, day after day, would really add up.
  • Quotes
    We have a 99.99% answer rate. Plus, we know we're always going to capture the lead. Having 24/7 availability means we don't have to worry about a thing.
    Jay Holland Signature
    Jay Holland
    Vice President of Franchise Systems
    for Restoration 1
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    Number of Restoration 1 franchises supported
    25 and growing
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    AnswerForce supports many locations, including:
    New York, Florida, Colorado Louisiana, and many others
  • Why did Restoration 1 choose a live answering service, versus voicemail or automated technology?

    We found that less than 3% of our clients would leave a voicemail. In 2020, voicemail just isn't an effective means of communication anymore. With support from virtual receptionists, even if we do miss a call, we're typically able to secure that job by phoning back within 5 minutes.
    Which features do you find most useful for your team?

    The text message feature and call reports are really useful for us, internally. We reply to text messages to see who's interacting with clients, and we use the AnswerForce app chat feature to create discussions about individual calls.
    The call-out feature is also incredibly effective for following up directly with customers.
  • And how does the service benefit your callers?

    After hours support creates an experience where customers feel reassured that they're going to be taken care of. The flexible technology helps our internal team work better, too.
    We also have a healthy work-life balance. We can sleep a little easier, knowing our customers are being supported night and day.
    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    In 2020, if you're not providing a live answering experience that feels local, then you're behind. Why wouldn't you have it? Based on the cost point and return on investment, it just makes sense.
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