Short for Responsible Organisation. RespOrg is the company that is responsible for hosting the toll-free number.


The process of transferring the RespOrg status from one phone provider to another. In this case, to the phone provider used by AnswerForce.

Order taking

AnswerForce Customer Experience Associates can help you drive your macro conversions by assisting your callers in placing orders for your products or services.

Cold transfer

Cold transfer is when the call handler transfers the call to you and disconnects the moment you pick up without a formal introduction.

Warm Transfer

Warm transfer is when the call handler transfers the call to you but does not disconnect until you know who’s calling and agree to take the call. In case you don’t answer, the call handler takes a message instead.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A software tool that keeps track of customer interactions such as contact details, transactions, feedback etc.

Call Script

The Call Script is what the live receptionist follows to guide callers through scenarios and to record responses. Different responses lead to different outcomes. This is called the decision tree.

When you sign up, a standard message-taking script is on by default. Our setup team will work with you to design a custom script for your business.

Answer phrase

The phrase that call handlers are required to use to greet your callers.

For example,“Thank you for calling Cupcakes Galore. How may I help you?”


Voice Over Internet Protocol. A technology that allows you to make calls via the internet.

Web chat

A chat window on your site through which your visitors can ask queries and you or our live receptionists can assist them.


Interactive Voice Response. An answering system where a robotic voice guides the callers through a series of decisions by asking them to press the number assigned for each decision.

IVR can be leveraged to serve the caller without human interaction for simple queries, and route the call to the right person for more complicated ones.

Client Experience Associate

Client Experience Associate (CEA), also sometimes referred to as associates, live receptionists, or virtual receptionists, are the AnswerForce personnel who attend your customers’ calls. They are trained in providing optimal customer support to provide maximum value to your customers.

Outbound Response

When a customer fills out a form on your site giving their contact information, our live receptionist may call them back for following up. This call in response to a customer action is called Outbound Response.

Client Services

The Client Services team handles all client-related services such as onboarding, billing, account updates, and general customer service issues.

You can reach AnswerForce Client Services by dialing 1.800.461.8520 or via email at


Setmore is the appointment-setting software that is integrated with AnswerForce. All AnswerForce customers get the premium benefits of Setmore. Customer Experience Associates use Setmore to book appointments for your customers.

Dedicated Call Handlers

Dedicated Call Handlers are call handlers who are dedicated to providing customer service for a particular client.

If you would like to have dedicated call handlers to attend calls for your business, contact client services at 1.800.461.8520 or

Distributed work model

AnswerForce employees are distributed across the country and work together from several locations through the use of Internet-connected tools and software. This allows them to be more flexible, scalable, and less vulnerable to location-based emergencies.

Lead Capture

Leads are the prospective customers for your business. A lead capture is done when our associates collect the information you want to be collected about these leads and send them to you via text message or email.

Online Client Portal

The web portal that you can log into from the AnswerForce homepage. On Client Portal, you can view your account details, make changes to your script, pay your bills and more.