Analytics Integrations for Live Answering

When integrated with your preferred cloud-based CRM,
AnswerForce becomes much more than an answering service.

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Google Analytics Integrations

Give your CRM a Dose of Powerful Analytics Features

With AnswerForce-Google Analytics you can now integrate your inbound call and webchat data easily into your Google Analytics account. The best part? We do all the work. We track all your inbound calls and feed the data into your in-house business system. Get useful insights into your marketing campaigns, keywords, and products/services automatically at your fingertips.

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How it works?

When your existing clients, business partners or potential leads call or chat you, AnswerForce takes the message and ports it into your Google Analytics account.

Tips & Tricks

Use this data to find out what's driving your inbound calls, schedule actions, and make your marketing and sales campaign more effective. You can even combine it with data collected from other sources.


Why do you need Google Analytics?
  • Quick import
    of data
  • Classify data into custom
    fields for analysis
  • Plan targeted
    marketing campaigns
  • Fine tune your
    web pages
So get a faster, deeper understanding of your target audience with AnswerForce-Google Analytics integration.

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