Are you starting a lawn care business of your own? With a consistent demand for services in the lawn care industry, you’ll have a steady stream of customers ready to hire you. 

But to ensure your venture is profitable, you must first determine the best pricing structure for your company. Your location, service options, overhead costs, and labor requirements all impact what you should charge for your services.

Check out our lawn care pricing guide below!

Lawn care pricing chart: How to charge for lawn care

Below is a basic lawn care price sheet that breaks down the average prices for popular lawn care services using data from

Lawn care service Average price per job (USD)
Mowing $77
Fertilization $91
Weed control $91
Dethatching $170
Aeration $132

This lawn care pricing sheet provides a starting point for deciding what to charge, but you should take additional steps to determine your exact prices. 

First, determine your base cost by deciding what services you’ll provide, then research local market rates. To stay competitive, avoid charging more than 15 percent above the average prices for your area.

Lawn care pricing calculator

Once you’ve completed your research, you can start creating individualized quotes. A lawn care pricing calculator can help you determine exactly what to charge for each job. Here’s an example:

  • Lawn mowing base price: Calculate the base price based on the lawn’s size, condition, and selected frequency (you can find a lawn mowing pricing guide in the next section). 
  • Add-ons: Calculate the cost of any additional services the customer selects.
  • Location adjustment: Charge a premium for clients outside your service area based on travel time. 
  • Overhead adjustment: Consider the costs of equipment, insurance, and labor. Add 15 to 20 percent to each estimate to cover your overhead costs.

Add these numbers together to create a customer quote.

How much to charge for lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is a foundational service for any lawn care company. According to, there are three common ways to price lawn mowing services: per hour, square foot, and square acre.

Hourly lawn mowing rate Lawn mowing rate per square foot Lawn mowing rate per acre
$25$65 $0.01$0.05 $50$100

While charging per hour or acre works well for larger yards, it’s best to charge by square foot for smaller yards.

Whether to charge on the lower or higher end of the range depends on factors like grass condition, climate, and location. For example, more effort is needed to mow overgrown, wet, thick, or weed-infested grass. Furthermore, lawn care rates are usually higher in cities compared to rural areas.

How much does a lawn mower cost?

You can expect to pay $170 to $350 for your first lawnmower, according to Ensure the lawnmower you choose is suited to the jobs you’ll be performing, considering factors like yard size and climate. 

Although you may need to buy additional lawnmowers as you expand, one is usually enough to start.

How much to charge for grass cutting

Grass cutting is slightly different from lawn mowing. To perform this service, you’ll typically use a small trimmer to cut overgrown grass or weeds in tight corners or other hard-to-reach areas. 

Rates for grass cutting are about the same as lawn mowing: $25–$65 per hour.

Grass cutting is usually done as needed rather than on a regular schedule. Consider providing a grass cutting estimate based on the complexity of the task and the time required.

Complementary services: Landscaping

Do you have a keen eye for design and aesthetics? 

You can make even more money as a lawn care business by offering landscaping services that involve designing, enhancing, and beautifying outdoor spaces. 

Consider adding landscaping service options based on customer requests and what your competitors offer.

Landscaping pricing chart

Here’s a breakdown of how much to charge for some standard soft landscaping services, according to

Landscaping service Average cost (USD)
Tree removal $240–$1,750 per tree
Tree and bush planting $25$3,000 (size dependent)
Planting flower beds $650$3,000 per flower bed
Curbing and edging $700–$1,750 per job

Adding a few simple landscaping options to your service list is a great way to reach a broader customer base and gain opportunities for higher-paying jobs.

Using a lawn care pricing chart: The bottom line

Starting a lawn care business can be highly lucrative when done right. With our lawn care pricing guide, you can adapt your prices to accommodate changing factors and ensure steady profits.  

Once you’ve decided on your prices, AnswerForce can help you with your client communication needs. We can manage your calls and chats, schedule estimates, and respond to customers after hours if an emergency strikes.