Parents and caregivers, let’s be honest.

Something like this (or worse) is probably going on whenever you try to take a call:

Cute baby playing with toys

Cute, right?

But you know, as well as we do, that as soon as you turn your back, it will look more like this:

mess at home while playing

Yeah, we get it.

You can laugh, you can cry, or you can do something different.

We celebrate every hard-working business owner who’s burning the midnight oil while cleaning up mysterious stickies around the home. Cheers to you, and everyone around you making it work, whatever way possible, at whatever hour of the day and night.

You know the story: A couple months ago or so, you had a business to run. You may now find yourself running that business while kids are also at home, clambering in the background. It’s not easy.

That’s why we’re offering you 50% off your first month of live answering services, plus no set-up feesWant to chat further? Please call us on (800) 461-8535. Just say the secret code phrase: there’s paint everywhere! (Nah, just kidding, just say you need a deal and a break; we’ll read between the lines.)

You can also read more about strategies for growing your business with kids at home.

What’s that you say? Strategy + business + kids? In the same sentence? Well, go on, see for yourself!

And don’t forget, we’re always open for business, whatever hour of the day or night it may be. Give us a call when you’ve taken enough calls on your own. We’d be happy to help.