The AnswerForce Giving Back program is founded on two principles: community and contributing to a greater cause. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our involvement with the Care & Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.

The organization was founded in 1972 by Dominique Pisciotta as a response to food shortages in her neighborhood. The charity began by delivering small food baskets throughout Colorado Springs. Today, Care & Share has grown to cover 31 counties across Southern Colorado.

One of the food bank’s most striking campaigns is the annual Harvest of Love. This food drive is held across numerous schools in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo communities. Children take active roles in raising awareness and collecting donations throughout October and November.

The awful fact is this: 1 child for every 6 in Southern Colorado is at risk of hunger.

Yet, by putting schools at the center of the Harvest of Love, and encouraging children to get involved, Care & Share is helping to educate the younger generation.

We’re honored to sponsor the drive, as we feel safe in the knowledge that contributions are not only going to help communities in need, but are also helping to foster the future of neighborly generosity.

Plus, it’s fun! The school that collects the largest amount of food is awarded a plaque, and all competing institutions receive a certificate to acknowledge their inspiring efforts.

Across the 31 counties, Care & Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado managed to deliver nearly 20 million meals in 2019. That’s an effort to be proud of. We’re certainly proud to be part of this year’s drive.

To learn more about Care & Share, and 2020’s Harvest of Love, make sure to check out the organization’s website.