As part of the Giving Back program, AnswerForce is delighted to introduce Doorstep Donations. 

Doorstep Donations is a food bank founded by a trio of high school sophomores in New York: Ben Gleeman, Jonah Gleeman and Ryan Spiegel. Despite being enrolled in full-time education, they have managed to make a remarkable difference in more than 12 locations across North America.

The organization is a non-profit committed to serving underprivileged and food-insecure families. Jonah, one of the co-founders, revealed the team’s mission: “Our mission is to support our suffering neighbors, as well as to inspire and empower youth to solve food crises within their communities.”

Doorstep Donations take a unique approach to food donations through their innovative service delivery model. The group uses a pick-up method similar to Postmates, allowing people to make donations from the safety of their own home. Food packages can be left on the doorstep to be collected by the organizers and later distributed to families in need.

This innovative business model came in response to the threat of Covid-19. With face-to-face interaction becoming increasingly challenging, the doorstep model helped overcome these barriers and provide support in a time like no other.

Since its inception, Doorstep Donations has become registered as a 501(c)(3) organization and has helped serve more than 30,000 meals. This all stems from the generosity of donors such as AnswerForce, and without the loyalty of our own customers, these donations would not be possible.

The story of Doorstep Donations is one of humility and selflessness. As such, AnswerForce is delighted to be supporting this incredible organization.

Click here to learn more about Doorstep Donations.