The Messenger integration routes all incoming messages from your Facebook page to your AnswerForce inbox. Your AnswerForce receptionists will respond instantly.

Follow these easy steps to centralize all your chats in one place to support customers and increase sales:

1. In your AnswerForce App. go to Settings, click Business Communication, and select Web chat






2.  Once activated, select Launch App to open your chat dashboard



3. In your chat dashboard, go to Settings. click Manage Widgets.


4. Select your widget.


5. Click Integration, then click on Messenger.

The integration tab in chatsupport showing messenger under it. The integration tab in chatsupport showing messenger under it.

6. Click Integrate.

The integrate button in chatsupport messenger integration

7. In the next screen, with the message chosen as the default setup trigger. Click continue.

The message selected as the default trigger for messenger.

8. Sign in to your Facebook account.

Log in to facebook to continue the chatsupport integration.

9. Click Edit Settings.

The edit settings button on facebook.

10. Select the Facebook page you’d like to use with ChatSupport, then click Next.

facebook settings to select the pages to use with chatsupport. Next button on the facebook page select settings.

11. Allow access to ChatSupport by clicking the slider button, then click Done

Done button in facebook page select settings. Ok button in facebook page setup complete display message.

Under the Action tab, choose Message, and ensure to check the two-way sync to allow two-way communication.

1. Click Continue.

The chatsupport messenger integration setup showing action tab and messaging with two-way sync selected.

2. Under the Setup tab, select Text Message from the drop-down menu to map your live chat and Messenger together.

The chatsupport to messenger sync tab in setup. Text message dropdown under chatsupport messenger integration setup. Text message selected under chatsupport messenger sync setup.

3. Next, click the messenger to the ChatSupport tab. Here, click the drop-down menu, and choose Text Message to map your Messenger and live chat together.

The messenger and chatsupport sync tab under setup. Text message dropdown under chatsupport messenger integration setup. The messenger to chatsupport sync tab in setup. An integrated message confirming the chatsupport messenger integration complete.

You have successfully integrated your live chat and Messenger!