Hurricanes are an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans and 2024 is set to be a particularly active Hurricane Season. They can cause major damage to properties and severe emotional distress to homeowners. For contractors across many industries, how you respond to CAT events determines how successful you will be at growing your business this year. 

The key to growth is in the preparation. Preparation will not only ensure you’re able to support your team, but it will also help you maximize potential revenue. And that starts with knowing your hurricane response protocols and establishing call surge management processes. Following a hurricane, you’ll likely receive a lot of calls in a short space of time. How you manage the call surge determines how many jobs you can take on, and how many customers you can help.

Watch: How to manage call surges

Chris Nordyke from Floodlight Consulting Group and Jerry Celiak from ATI Restoration joined Mandy Rewis to talk about the steps restorers should take to prepare for call surges this summer and the importance of having systems in place.



Key takeaways:


  1. Preparation is king: How you prepare for CAT events determines how successful your restoration business will be.
  2. Customer experience matters: You’re building trust on initial calls, customers have to have confidence you will be there to help them, and soon. 
  3. Gathering the right information on the first call is key: You’ll have much more chance of winning the job if you can gather all the information you need in the first call. 
  4. You need to be able to scale fast: Calls tend to come at once rather than a slow increase over time. You need the technology to manage calls and distribute the details to your operations teams.
  5. You don’t want just anyone answering calls: How you intake that data makes a huge difference to whether you win the job. Make sure you have a team of trained professionals ready to answer those calls to set your business up for success.


AnswerForce is here to power your answering during Hurricane Season and beyond. 

  • Scalable solutions – our systems are designed to scale your services in seconds
  • Customized scripting – our onboard experts tailor your script to meet your specific needs
  • Flexible plans – you need different levels of support throughout the year, our plans are all flexible to match your needs and can be changed at any time. 

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