September 2022, Hurricane Ian rolled through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Rated a category 4 hurricane, it left 2 million people without power. Many homes and businesses were destroyed and damaged, leaving people with nothing. But there is hope.

AnswerForce Giving Back partner, Feeding America, has been at the heart of recovery after the storm. Through 25 truckloads of disaster boxes and water, they’ve been helping communities get back on their feet.


Support for communities from Hurricane Ian

AnswerForce is built to support businesses and prioritize people. It’s why our monthly Giving Back program is crucial. When basic necessities like food and water become scarce, local communities need help to bounce back. 

With current economic conditions too, money is tight for all. So when your home and business get damaged, food becomes an even harder resource. 

In October, AnswerForce donated 110,000 meals through Feeding America’s disaster response program to provide immediate support to those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Food bank donations help businesses and communities find some peace after a storm. 

Feeding America

Feeding America is the largest charity aiming to end hunger in the United States. Their mission is to guarantee everyone has access to nutritious food.

Their network of food banks, pantries and meal programs serves virtually every community in the United States — 40 million people, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors.

Why you’re important

Food banks need funding and volunteering to support those in need. AnswerForce donates 1% each month to support local communities through food bank donations. Continued support from customers makes this possible.

Disasters like Hurricane Ian aren’t a one-time occurrence. They will come again. But with Feeding America and your support, you can help communities recover in no time.