In business, successful communication happens on many levels: from contact with your existing and prospective customers to making yourself available for messages and calls from staff.

Although recent years have seen a gradual shift toward digital solutions for collaborating with your team, the events of 2020 have renewed the focus on fast, responsive technology for internal communication.

The same goes for us. We understand the importance of flexible team collaboration tools.

The heart of our service is to provide reliable methods of contact between businesses and their customers, as well as internal solutions. That often means combining apps and software to improve results.

One of the most popular software solutions for team collaboration is Slack – a versatile chat system which allows you and your employees to communicate quickly and easily, either via desktop or mobile device.

And we’re happy to announce that your AnswerForce account can easily integrate with your Slack profile, allowing you to receive important updates in real time and streamline your working day.

How to integrate AnswerForce and Slack

Connecting your Slack and AnswerForce accounts is a straightforward process. Slack offers user-friendly integrations between many industry-leading and customized apps, including AnswerForce.

Working 24/7, 365 days a year, the AnswerForce team of receptionists can answer all of your incoming calls and web chats. Following each call, the receptionist will send you a detailed report containing the important case information.

You can choose to receive these important call reports and messages via the AnswerForce app, the AnswerForce dashboard, or even by SMs or email. However, when your Slack account has been integrated, you can also receive real time updates directly into your Slack workspace.

This means that anybody with access to your Slack channels will spot notifications about active calls, call reports, and important AnswerForce messages. Having this information centralized with easy access for your staff allows them to respond immediately.

Additionally, Slack allows you to design automated workflows, with zero code-writing. This simple feature lets you free up time spent on repetitive manual tasks, such as collating user information from your website or populating FAQs with pre-prepared answers.

AnswerForce-Slack integration features:

  •  Receive real time call reports and messages
  • Create automated workflows
  • Centralize important AnswerForce information
  • Share call updates across your team

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It’s vital to equip your business with the right tools, whether that’s forwarding after hours business calls to a team of virtual receptionists or automating workflows via Slack. AnswerForce is proud to offer a variety of software integrations to strengthen your business and improve efficiency.

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