How many apps do you use daily? Studies show the average person uses ten apps everyday to carry out their work. Sending emails from one, writing notes in another, recording progress in a job management software elsewhere. You need your team to be as efficient as possible, and that’s where the AnswerForce and Zapier integration comes in.

Picture this: new leads added to your systems automatically, no manual entry required. You’ll be able to follow up and secure the job faster than ever! Speed to lead matters more than ever for home service businesses, so let technology help.

Zapier makes software integrations easier than ever by providing a platform that integrates thousands of apps and automates repetitive, manual tasks.

Zapier can immediately push information received into dozens of different apps used by your company. For example, when you receive a new AnswerForce message you can:

  • Create requests in Jobber. Making it simple to track and manage all incoming work.
  • Set up new customers in HousecallPro, and create an unforgettable customer experience.
  • Streamline your processes by having new property claims set up in Encircle.
  • Add or update leads via Pipedrive, helping you qualify leads faster.
  • Track all the call data from AnswerForce with Google Sheets.

What is an integration?

Put simply, an integration connects one piece of software to another. This makes data transfer quicker and more effective (and data doesn’t get lost or inputted into the system incorrectly). 

What is Zapier?

Zapier connects more than 6,000 apps so that they can share data seamlessly via workflows called ‘zaps’.

How does it work? Zapier waits for a new message from AnswerForce, then it automatically generates a pre-agreed action, such as creating a new job or client.

How to integrate AnswerForce and Zapier

Automated tasks remove the repetitive and mundane tasks from your team’s daily schedule. Accessible to everyone, ‘zaps’ free up valuable time, allowing you to focus on the more important jobs of the day, like spending time with customers and building long-lasting relationships. Our client account managers will be happy to help you set up your Zapier integrations, or you can get started yourself.

It couldn’t be easier. After you’ve registered for Zapier, simply integrate AnswerForce to get started. You’ll see how simple it is in this step-by-step guide on how to link your accounts via Zapier.

This is only a few ways you can integrate AnswerForce with your systems in real time, through Zapier. You can even create custom workflows that meet your business needs. 

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answerforce and zapier integration

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