The ongoing pandemic is forcing businesses everywhere to re-evaluate their workflow strategies, often in real time. 

Thankfully, advances in connectivity have increased efficiency and empowered businesses to be more agile, linking workforces across the globe, often in different time zones.

At AnswerForce, for example, our team of live receptionists has been working from home since our business began in 2007. These virtual receptionists work from their home offices across the US and Canada. Every day, they deliver five-star service and support for more than 50 million customer calls and counting. 

An ability to link people effectively in this way is important, but just as vital is the integration of technology platforms.

At the forefront of those taking web connectivity to a new level is Zapier, a platform that integrates thousands of web applications that workforces use on a daily basis.

And now, AnswerForce customers can also integrate with Zapier, improving their business with more intuitive workflows.


How to integrate AnswerForce and Zapier

It couldn’t be easier. After you’ve registered for Zapier, simply integrate AnswerForce to get started. You’ll see how simple it is in these step-by-step AnswerForce + Zapier instructions here.

Most of us use many different desktop apps during a working day. Sending emails from one, writing notes in another, uploading to the cloud, recording progress in a task management system. Zapier connects more than 2,000 of these apps so that they can share data. It then automates information exchange between them, via workflows called ‘zaps’.

An automated task is one that doesn’t need to be handled by a person, and means the repetitive tasks of daily business are done instantly. Accessible to everyone, these ‘zaps’ free up valuable time to focus on the more important duties of the day.

For AnswerForce customers, integrating AnswerForce with Zapier allows for next-level automation.

As our virtual receptionists answer calls on behalf of your business, 95% of the time within four rings or fewer, Zapier can then immediately channel the response into dozens of different apps used by your company. For example:

  • Receive Slack notifications for new AnswerForce messages
  • Create contacts in Google Contacts from new messages in AnswerForce
  • Send new AnswerForce messages to Insightly, as tasks 
  • Add or update Mailchimp subscribers via new AnswerForce messages

There are many more examples, all of which AnswerForce and Zapier can do in real time, automatically.

answerforce and zapier integration


Real-time, automatic upgrade to workflow efficiency

Let’s say your business keeps a Google spreadsheet populated with each new call received from AnswerForce. When Zapier is integrated, it can seamlessly copy the details of each message as a new row in a specified Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

Zapier works by waiting for a pre-set trigger to occur; in this case, the receipt of a new message from AnswerForce. It then automatically generates a pre-agreed action and adds a row on the specified Google document with all details captured and visible to all.

The trigger can also activate other actions, at the same time as the example above. For example, the aforementioned AnswerForce message could also create a new column on another Google Sheet, find a row to match the details or create an entirely blank new worksheet. The options are fully customizable.

This way, existing AnswerForce customers can use Zapier to manage data moving through their company. The result? Less time spent on manual organization. 

Just as AnswerForce’s 24/7 call handlers free up time to focus on work at hand, Zapier then pushes those messages to where they need to be seen. Automatically.

If time is money, then good organization is money saved.

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Discover more AnswerForce integrations

In addition to Zapier, AnswerForce offers a suite of time-saving integrations. You can always count on fresh ways to add efficiency to your business, always delivered with a first-rate customer experience.

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