Imagine being able to ensure that whenever a user reports an IT issue — be it hardware or software — a fully populated ticket gets pushed straight to your IT management system.

It gets even better. Imagine the user can call or chat online, 24 hours a day, in all time zones, confident that as soon as the issue has been raised, the resolution process will begin.

That’s the heart of live phone answering and web chat, delivered by live receptionists who understand the importance of IT service management. This team of professional receptionists appreciates the critical nature of correctly capturing the nature of an IT issue, the repro steps, and supporting information. They also recognize the risks of not getting this information right, and how sub-par experiences can impact on your business and the teams you support.

Of course, running a high-performing, cost-effective IT program isn’t always easy. Directors regularly monitor user satisfaction levels for signs of how well the IT function is driving organizational value — or at least, how that value is perceived. This metric, among others, can influence budget, resourcing, and strategic opportunities.

Fortunately, leaders can lay the groundwork for a great user experience when a trusted partner provides 24/7 ticket support.

After all, when you handle more than 50 million customer interactions — as we have done, since 2007 — you get to know what customers want, and what they need. Then, you deliver.


Learn how the AnswerForce-Autotask integration works

The AnswerForce-Autotask integration (one of many convenient integrations) works magic in aligning your business with the end users who comprise your customer base.

Step 1: As customers contact your IT team, a network of live receptionists provide 24/7 call answering and web chat support. During these conversations, they record essential and descriptive details by following pre-approved scripts.

Step 2: The integration allows the details of those calls name, job title, contact information, issue description and more to flow into corresponding data fields inside Autotask.

Step 3: This process enables your team to instantly scope incoming IT tickets, triaging them accordingly.

The result? You can deliver on SLAs and improve user satisfaction. You can also manage IT resources more effectively, allowing business leaders to devote more focus on strategic IT initiatives. 

The AnswerForce-Autotask integration features:

  • Ticket automation via an API
  • Automatic feedback tracking 
  • Streamlined workflows
  • The ability to look up a company name inside Autotask, and more


Download the AnswerForce-Autotask integration guide

It’s simple to use the Autotask integration. You can learn more in this step-by-step guide for AnswerForce-Autotask integration. (You can also download the guide as a PDF.) The guide will take you through accessing Autotask inside the AnswerForce integrations module. Within the module, you’ll see how to set up triggers and targets. You’ll also be able to create ticket priority levels, assign ticket types to department, and more.


Autotask integration with AnswerForce


Learn more about AnswerForce integrations

Whether you’re responding to a first-time prospect, or managing data across your customer base, the right systems are key. Small businesses and large enterprises can access a suite of AnswerForce integrations. These solutions give you total control over your data. They are designed to streamline input and output, while always ensuring a first-rate customer experience.

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