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Let AnswerForce be your voice in a virtual receptionist solution that allows you to grow your business and save on the high costs associated with internal human capital. We'll add personality in a virtual call center atmosphere where our professionals are best at answering phone calls to streamline your business. A virtual business expansion is certain to help you keep up with the pace and contribute to your future business success.

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James BonderReceptionist
Availability40 hrs/Week
Monthly Fee$1944*

Virtual Receptionist

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Jessie BorderAF Support Team
Monthly Fee$249**
* According to payscale.com** Best value plan with AnswerForce
At AnswerForce, we align our virtual assistants with leading technology to help you expand without costing you more. Answering phone calls is what we do best, and we guide you for increased productivity and exceptional customer experiences:
  • We answer your customer calls with a live voice
  • Our 24-hour virtual receptionist service gives you peace of mind
  • We'll qualify your leads, take orders, and relay messages
  • Optional call recordings may be sent to your voicemail or email
  • Live call transfers to your team in real-time
  • Live web chat and form response are added features for your online customers
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