In central Pennsylvania, over 20 percent of households that struggle with food insecurity have at least one member who has served, or is currently serving, in the military. 

Because of this, support for veterans is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank created ‘MilitaryShare’ — food assistance for veterans. 

Why do veterans struggle with food insecurity?

Food insecurity, among veterans, comes as a result of many reasons. However, the root cause comes down to unemployment. 

But why? After all, veterans possess a great mixture of soft, hard, and technical skills. Unfortunately, some employers just don’t see it that way…

The second is because of the challenging reintegration into society. For instance, many veterans experience physical injuries and mental illness after returning home. 

In fact, research by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs shows that 11 out of 20 veterans experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Coupled with a lack of low-cost housing, food insecurity has become a significant issue. 

How do food banks help veterans?

Food banks give invaluable support by providing nutritious food to veterans. However, some food banks go the extra mile by creating dedicated support programs.  

For example, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank developed MilitaryShare. In doing so, they provide dedicated support to all military branches, prior service, reservist, or inactive ready reserve.

This includes supplying a wide range of fresh produce. Pretty amazing, right?

How are AnswerForce customers helping?

Thanks to your loyalty, AnswerForce is able to support amazing initiatives.

This month, AnswerForce has partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to provide 21,000 meals to people struggling with food insecurity. 

None of which would be possible, without you. 

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