In Minnesota, food insecurity is not just a regional issue — it is a state issue. 

Close to six million people reside in the state. Of which, more than half live in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area. 

However, food insecurity exists in other less populated areas across Minnesota — where there are fewer grocery stores and food banks. That is why Channel One Regional Food Bank is deploying mobile food pantries in less-resourced areas. 

This way, they support a wider scope of people.

What are mobile food pantries?

A mobile pantry is a truck that transports and provides food to underserved communities — typically lacking access to grocery stores or food banks. As such, these mobile food pantries play a large role in resolving food insecurity.  

They offer rescued food and grocery products, with much better flexibility and speed. In addition, the food is high quality and nutritious. 

For example, meat, baked goods, and produce, are supplied to name a few.

Why do mobile pantries matter?

Due to a lack of access, transportation, and food shelves — many communities are often isolated. Therefore, mobile pantries are essential for reaching these vulnerable communities.  

Channel One Regional Food Bank is deploying these in the Faribault County Fairgrounds, La Crosse, and West Salem locations. As a result, they provide nutritious food to individuals, families, and children. 

Above all else, they give hope. 

How are AnswerForce customers helping?

Thanks to your support, AnswerForce is able to support meaningful initiatives and events. This month, AnswerForce has become an official sponsor of the Channel One Regional Food Bank 2021 Empty Bowls Event

The funds raised from this event are invested directly back into the community — supporting initiatives like the mobile pantries, for example. 

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