Arkansas ranks second in the nation for food insecurity. 

The issue affects almost one-quarter of Arkansas childrenThis makes the purpose of the Arkansas Food Bank critical within the community.

Without food, children will struggle to reach their full potential in life. It becomes harder to focus, learn and exercise.

Food insecurity is detrimental to life chances. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing challenge, and difficult to overcome. 

Why do children go hungry?

Children go hungry in times of desperation. Whether it’s through unemployment or an unexpected life event, any parent can end up in this unthinkable situation. 

Food insecurity among children is always an unwanted outcome. Arkansas Food Bank Chief Executive Officer explains this challenge well:

“Anywhere there’s a hungry child, I can guarantee you there’s an entire hungry family… because parents will go without to make sure their kids are fed.” 

This makes the support of food banks all the more relevant in Arkansas.  

How is the Food Bank of Arkansas helping?

The ‘Food for kids’ campaign is dedicated to reducing food insecurity among children in central and southern Arkansas. Unfortunately, around 90,000 children in this region go hungry. 

As a response, three main strategies were developed including backpacks, school pantries, and summer feeding. The backpack program is especially inspiring.

While many food banks provide in-school support, the weekends are often overlooked. This results in the weekends feeling long and challenging.

That’s why the backpacks program is vital: it helps provide students with easy-to-prepare, nutritious weekend meals. 

The program helps make weekends full of relaxation and enjoyment for children. Above all else, it helps put kids back on track for achieving their full potential. 

How are AnswerForce customers helping?

Thanks to your support, we are able to invest back into the community. As part of the Giving Back program, we have teamed up with the Food Bank of Arkansas — becoming an annual cause marketing partner.

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