In the state of Massachusetts, 1 in 5 children is now suffering from food insecurity.  The number has risen by a staggering 102% since the outbreak of the COVID- 19 virus. 

The ongoing pandemic has had a seismic effect across the state and left many families struggling to feed themselves. With unemployment reaching an all-time high, the damaging effects have cast a dark shadow. 

However, the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts is fighting back. Every month, the food bank provides an average of 89,408 meals for those in need.

Since 1982, the food bank has provided support and relief to several counties — including Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire. Despite the unprecedented challenges of 2020, the food bank has worked tirelessly to feed individuals, families, seniors, children, veterans, and people with disabilities. 

For every dollar donated, the food bank creates four nutritious and healthy meals — showing that every contribution matters.

AnswerForce has been well and truly humbled by their story, and as part of the Giving Back program, we’re delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts in the fight against hunger. By sponsoring events like Berkshire, Will Bike 4 Food and Monte’s March, we are delighted to give back to people in need.

Thanks to all of our supportive customers for making this possible. You can learn more about The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts here.