One in five households in Louisiana is at risk of hunger.

In a state so often harmed by destructive weather and financial insecurity, it’s unacceptable that nearly a fifth of families are also struggling to eat.

Second Harvest Food Bank of South Louisiana is actively battling against this crisis. From humble beginnings in 1982, when the chapter was founded by a trio of faith leaders, the food bank has evolved to become the largest anti-hunger network in South Louisiana.

With this impressive expansion and mission in mind, we’re proud to welcome the South Louisiana chapter of Second Harvest Food Bank to our list of associated food banks

SHFB is driven by the rising costs of food, housing, and utilities across Louisiana, coupled with unemployment and low average wages. This turbulent mix of factors is forcing many families into precarious financial situations, and crises such as these are often reflected by food insecurity.

However, SHFB isn’t simply a food bank. The good people working for the charity recognize that there must be a multifaceted response to food emergencies, and they provide solutions by contributing to community kitchens and supplying nutritional education—healthy produce is just as important as sufficiency.

More still, the organization features an impressive roster of services, such as mobile pantries, after-school kids cafés and summer feeding programs, senior café days, and access to services that can help families out of economic uncertainty for good.

Additionally, fueled by the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, SHFB now actively works to provide rapid disaster relief throughout the area’s 23 parishes. Contributors from within and outside the organization can of course donate non-perishable food, but the response also includes delivery of water, emergency supplies, and cleaning materials to help families restore all aspects of life following disaster.

This frame of mind is important to us as a contributor. We’re honored to be a ‘Hero Sponsor’ for a food bank program that puts such conscientious work and thought into both what they do and how they go about it.

It’s thanks to our loyal AnswerForce partners that we’re able to donate to such important causes throughout the country. Together, we’re helping to connect communities and improve lives.

To find out more about the important work of Second Harvest Food Bank, make sure to check out their website.