Did you know that more than a quarter of a million residents of the East Valley and Eastern Arizona are at risk for food insecurity?

With a global pandemic and huge increase in the cost of living, many families and individuals are struggling to keep food on the table. Grace Bishara from the United Food Bank in Arizona joined us recently to talk about the work they do and how support from organizations like AnswerForce is directly supporting communities across America.

The main takeaway: you never know who is struggling.

Often it’s working people who need a helping hand.

Grace talked about the incredible work that the United Food Bank is doing. Working with more than 145 agencies across eastern Arizona, they distribute 52,000 meals every day. Since they first opened their doors in the 80s, they have served more than 18 million meals and distributed over 300,000 emergency food boxes.

Donations like the one from AnswerForce allow them to look at larger projects. Replacing or fixing machinery and trucks is not the first thing you would think a food bank needs to do, but at this scale it’s crucial. Collecting food from supermarkets and buying key supplies in bulk is at the core of what United does. Helping large projects allows United to be able to plan for tomorrow, not just help today.

“It is an eternal obligation toward the human being not to let him suffer from hunger when one has a chance of coming to his assistance.” – Simone Weil

If you’d like to get involved, they are always super grateful to any volunteers who can help. This can be sorting food or packing emergency food bags. They also appreciate both food and fund donations – every $1 provides 5 meals!

   The Giving Back program

Every month AnswerForce donates 1% of our revenue to community causes through the Giving Back program. Our customers have helped us donate to over one hundred organizations across the United States and Canada that exist to help those in need. Thank you.

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