The AnswerForce Giving Back Program celebrates the belief that human connections build lasting relationships. Along the Giving Back journey, many people have shared incredibly personal and heartfelt stories. Read one such example below.

As I conclude another meeting with a food bank, I find myself reflecting on Simon Sinek‘s famous quote: “Life is beautiful not because of the things we see, but because of the people we meet.”

Isn’t it so true? The memories we make last a lifetime. Why not do all that we can to make a positive impact? That quote came to mind as I reflected on my interview with Ronnie Kidd, who serves as President and CEO at Food Bank of West Central Texas (FBWCT).

I had the honor of interviewing Ronnie, who has been working with FBWCT for more than 22 years, starting by serving on the board.

Ronnie shared such a touching story about an individual who became ill and did not have the means to feed their family. More and more people are in a situation they have never been in before and may be struggling, feeling more embarrassed than not. The FBWCT has created an online portal where people can request a box of food to be delivered to their home, making it as discreet and easy as possible to have a contactless interaction.

Ronnie is passionate about what he does, saying it is extremely important to him that all the while his team is also looked after. They are the ones who deliver hope. 

While FBWCT is a member of Feeding America, the team has also benefited from the support of local donors.

Ronnie expressed gratitude for all the additional support made possible from the AnswerForce Giving Program. So thank you to all of our customers for your continued loyalty, which makes these community-based associations possible.