Roofing contractors have never been busier. In 2023, the U.S. roofing industry was valued at $23.35 billion and this figure is projected to increase by 6.6% over the next five years. There’s also never been more competition. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that there will be a 5-6% increase in the number of roofing contractors in the next five years. 

With all of this competition, it’s essential for roofing companies to deliver exceptional customer service to stand out in a busy market. For many businesses, a live answering service can be a great option to explore. To find the right option for your company, here are some of the most important criteria to consider.

1. Does the service offer 24/7 availability? 

67% of customers end a call in frustration when they cannot reach a customer service representative. Today’s consumers expect a response, whenever they reach out. And, this is especially true for roofers. Leaks, damage, and sliding tiles can happen first thing on a Sunday morning or at midnight on a Thursday. 

With this in mind, offering a virtual receptionist who is available outside of business hours is a huge selling point for customers who need advice. 

2. Do they offer a personalized service (for you and your customers)?

Whether you need seasonal support for the busy winter period or you’re covering an absent team member, a virtual receptionist service can offer a scalable answering service for your roofing business. This flexibility means that they can tailor their service around your specific needs. Allowing you to scale up your business during busy periods and reduce them during quieter times. 

And it’s not just you that benefits from a personalized customer service experience. A 2021 survey found that 71% of customers expect a personalized service on every call. With a phone answering service, you can craft a tailored script designed only for your customers. And, most call answering services allow you to listen in or play back calls. This means that you can check that you’re happy with the service, update your script or even just step into your customer’s shoes. 

3. Can they support you with scheduling and organizing your calendar? 

It can be hard to keep track of your calendar when you’ve got multiple clients and ongoing projects, especially when you’ve experienced weather delays. Luckily, a live answering service can help you schedule new customers, as well as answer queries. This means clients can instantly book into your diary, without waiting around. 

Many call-answering services allow you to sync bookings directly to your diary. And that means that, no matter where you are in the world, you can always see what jobs are coming up and when they begin. 

4. Can the service help you qualify leads and prioritize jobs? 

While all customers are important to a growing roofing business, there are some jobs that are more valuable than others. A virtual answering service will take each caller through a qualifying script and assess what they’re looking for and whether you can help. For instance, if they’re calling about a solar panel installation project, but your company only provides roof repair and tiling, then it’s best to find this out at the earliest possible stage.

You should also check how you’ll receive qualified leads. It’s important to follow up with leads as quickly as possible. Many answering services will send you the details through SMS or via an app, which gives you the power to quickly assess which leads are best for your business.

67% of lost sales are a result of failing to properly qualify leads before taking them through the full sales process. So, having a team to work through your potential customers’ budgets or concerns is essential to ensure your customers have everything they need to say yes.  

5. Does the service offer a bilingual option? 

Over one in ten people in the US speak Spanish as their first language. Opting for a bilingual call answering service can help your clients get the response they need, whenever they need it. Talking to potential clients in their primary language means they have a far better customer service experience. Not only will they develop a far better understanding of costs and services, but you’ll also avoid miscommunication. 

Also, offering a bilingual service gives your roofing company a competitive advantage in a crowded market. And it also allows customers to quickly build trust and potentially book your business for future work.  

6. Is the service easy to set up?   

While hiring and training reception and administrative staff can be time-consuming, a call answering service takes away the hassle. Most call-answering companies have a dedicated process that allows you to seamlessly set up. 

And as it’s a remote service, they can normally start on fairly short notice. All you need to do is update your website or advertising and customers can dial through within only a few days. 

7. Do they offer a dedicated business number?

Look out for a roofing answering service that offers you a dedicated business number. This means your customers can connect directly with your virtual receptionist team. But, it’s also available for you to contact customers through, no matter which phone you’re calling from. This gives customers a sense of professionalism and really demonstrates the scale of your business. 

It also means that you no longer need to hand out a personal mobile number. Allowing you to avoid new customer calls to your personal number outside of work hours, which leads to a better work life balance. 

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