24/7 Bilingual Answering Service.

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Expand your customer base with a bilingual answering service.

The AnswerForce bilingual answering service connects your business to a wider market.

A bilingual phone answering service is a viable solution to accommodate your Spanish-speaking callers. Benefit from customized support to meet your business requirements.

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Cater to your spanish speakers
with 24/7 bilingual phone support.

Discover some of the top features and benefits of a bilingual answering service.

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**Best value plan with AnswerForce, based on 300 live answer minutes

  • Respond quickly to calls and web chats whenever your customers reach out, day or night
  • Screen calls, respond to customer inquiries, assist with order entry, and schedule appointments
  • Efficiently dispatch service calls to your on call staff
  • Take messages, capture leads, and push data into your web-based sales software or ticketing system
  • Grow your customer satisfaction ratings and encourage loyalty by being available 24/7/365

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Discover what bilingual Answering service can do for your business.

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Anytime Availability

Deliver consistent customer experience to your Spanish and English speaking callers, whether they contact your business in the day or at night.

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Boost Your Professional Image

Increase your business's professional look with bilingual answering service. All your callers reaching a professional and caring voice whenever they call you.

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Capture More Leads

Capture more leads by talking to your callers in their language. Deliver excellent customer experience with bilingual answering.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What is a bilingual call answering service?

    A bilingual call answering service assists callers in their preferred language. When powered by human teams, a bilingual answering service relies on the communication skills of professional receptionists who speak more than one language..

  • Which languages does AnswerForce cover?

    The AnswerForce bilingual answering team facilitates English- and Spanish-language calls.

  • What does a bilingual receptionist do?

    Bilingual receptionists patch callers through to the correct person or department. They may also assist with booking appointments, thus making it easy for the caller to interact, and helping ensure that key details are accurately recorded.

  • What are the benefits of using a bilingual receptionist team?

    By being able to communicate in their preferred language, callers can provide deeper context into their reasons for calling. As a business owner, you can also be assured that key information gets added to every call record. This means you can proceed with greater confidence, into every new business opportunity.

  • I have more questions about bilingual call answering. Can you help?

    You can read more FAQs on bilingual call answering, or give us a call on (800) 461-8535.

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