Having live chat on your website helps you to answer questions instantly and convert visitors into customers. Setting up live chat on your Wix website is an easy process – get yours live in seven simple steps.

This guide will help you set up live chat through the ‘custom code’ feature in Wix.

Step 1: go to your settings

Open your Wix dashboard and go to site settings.

Wix site settings

Step 2: Custom code

Under ‘ADVANCED’ click on the ‘Custom Code’ section.

Live chat install on Wix 2

Step 3: Custom content

Click on the ‘+ Add Custom Code’ button on the top right.

Live chat install wix 3

Step 4: Paste in the chat code

Paste the code from your AnswerForce app in the text box.

live chat install Wix 4

Step 5: Name your code

Give your code a name – like ‘live chat’ –  so you can easily find it if you need to update it in the future.

Install live chat on Wix 5

Step 6: Add code to pages

Select where you want live chat to appear.

  • All pages: this will add live chat to every page of your website.
  • Specific pages: only add the code to certain pages from a dropdown list.

Under ‘place code in’ select ‘Head’.

live chat install in Wix 6

Step 7: Make it live!

Click on ‘Apply’ and live chat is live on your website!

Open your website in a new tab and see your live chat in action.