As a Mathnasium franchise owner, you already know that families, and in particular children, matter more than anything else. Structure, balance and normalcy are all vital to how the youngest members of our families develop. 

Your business helps bridge critical education gaps, many of which have deepened this past year. The challenge this holiday season, is to ensure your franchise continues to support existing families while welcoming new ones. At the same time, a well-deserved break is long overdue.

The ability to rest, recharge and be with family is what makes the holidays so special, and the traditions that you observe — gathering together, cooking, decorating your home — remain the same year on year, conferring a semblance of normality amidst this most difficult year for a generation.

Let’s explore this in light of the Covid-slide, technology, and key Mathnasium services. Read more below.

The power of technology

During this global pandemic, Mathnasium has recognized that simply working harder than ever to keep kids at the forefront isn’t enough. It takes a change in philosophy to ensure their successes continue. And that change is powered by technology.

Children out of school lose more comprehension in math than in any other subject. Recognizing that the ‘Covid-slide’ not only exists but can be even more severe and lasting than the annual ‘summer slide’ has put a renewed focus on digital and online tutoring.

Before the pandemic, Mathnasium@home was a great solution for parents working long hours or students that were sick, traveling or involved in after-school sports. Now, however, the service has become indispensable in empowering a generation to reach their full potential.

When coupled with the Mathnasium Kickstart Program, the ability of franchise owners to continue their programs virtually has meant not just business as usual (in these most unusual of times) but also an upsurge in business. As schools shut down or pivot to remote lessons, learning at home becomes the new normal.

As this new way of working lasts, it becomes cemented in the way families educate their children. And, to the credit of the Mathnasium franchisees and their hard-working staff, the alternative becomes the status quo. This is great news for franchise owners, but it causes another problem. Who helps the helpers?

Every call answered is an opportunity to provide consistency in education.

Support for Mathnasium franchises

With the holiday season upon us, you should be able to take time and recharge with your families alongside everybody else. But you also need to keep on top of every potential opportunity for your franchise as the phones ring more than ever. Missed calls can equate to missed opportunities to help families when they are actively searching for help. But not on our watch.

Just as Mathnasium gives flexibility to parents, we give flexibility to you. AnswerForce virtual receptionists are here to work around the clock on your behalf. 

Representing your franchise with live 24/7 call answering, we can also escalate tech-issues from students at home, relay information and take messages from parents asking for updates on their children’s progress.

But the most important service we provide? We ensure you can take a holiday this holiday season. 

Your time is hard-earned. Spend it where it matters. We’ve got you covered.

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