Hiring locally has its benefits in some business scenarios. But when it comes to virtual services, like call handling, a nationwide distributed answering service can give your business much more value. 

What is a ‘nationwide distributed answering service’?

Well first off, it’s a mouthful. When you break it down, though, it simply means an answering service that employs remote agents based all over the U.S. and sometimes the world! Professional agents work from the comfort of their own home (wherever that may be), but they all contribute to the same company.

The big perk of this geographical spread is that your business can benefit from call handlers working in different time zones. There will always be somebody ready to answer calls, night and day, and this strategy offers customers a variety of benefits. 

So, let’s look into it more. Here are the top 7 reasons why hiring a nationwide distributed answering service is better than hiring a local one:


1) Faster, more efficient service

Nationwide means nationwide. Having call handlers based in different locations results in more agents on hand to answer calls. Reduced wait times, 24/7 accessibility, and advanced communication technology! What’s not to love? 



2) Highly qualified operators

Many local call answering services tend to provide minimum wage jobs with few (or zero!) employee benefits. 

On the flipside, a conscientious nationwide answering service, such as AnswerForce, attracts highly skilled operators due impressive compensation and company benefits. As a result, the hiring process becomes much more competitive and produces only the best, most qualified virtual receptionists! 


3) 24/7 coverage, based in the U.S.


Small, local services are rarely able to offer true 24/7 coverage. Even then, many that do provide this service are operating with skeleton crews which result in lengthy waiting times for callers. To work around this, local answering companies might even resort to outsourcing your calls to offshore businesses or amateur centers, with no guarantee in the quality of calls or spoken English.

With AnswerForce, you can sleep easy knowing that every call is handled by professional operators in the U.S. And, even better, we provide a truly 24/7 service, with a full-strength team working round the clock to represent your business. 



4) No extra charge for weekend, after hours, or holiday coverage

Local services often have to charge extra fees to cover unsociable working hours or holidays – that’s if they cover them at all! Just another reason why working with a nationwide answering service like AnswerForce can put your mind at ease: we charge the same rate all day, every day.


5) A happier working environment


Many nationwide agents work remotely. This allows them to work in their own space, away from the traditionally noisy, distracting call center environment. Better working conditions translate to a higher quality of work and focus when it comes to your callers’ needs.

AnswerForce encourages its agents to cultivate a quiet workspace, so that even the distractions of home won’t interfere with your calls. 



6) A reliable service, 24/7

The distributed structure of a nationwide answering service limits the risk of service disruption, such as power cuts, natural disasters, or equipment issues. Should any of these problems arise, they would only affect a small percentage of the staff, and AnswerForce’s call routing software automatically sends calls to agents that are online and able to work.

The added bonus is that if the company needs to bring in an agent to cover an emergency shift, there’s no waiting. The operator simply needs to log on and begin work; no commute and no transport delays!



7) Contributing to a healthier planet!

By their very nature, nationwide answering services that employ a remote workforce have a positive effect on the environment.

According to Seth Brown’s article on working from home, 28.3 pounds of CO2 is emitted per gallon of gasoline used. As AnswerForce’s receptionists can work from anywhere (usually home), we have taken approximately 4.8 tons of potential CO2 out of the atmosphere, annually!

Partnering with AnswerForce leads to a clearer conscience, a cleaner planet, and happier agents: all of which means happier customers for you.

So, there you have it. When it comes to assisting your customers, nationwide answering services are far better equipped to do the job than a local firm. From 24/7 coverage, come rain or shine, to quality of life for employees, distributed call answering is the logical choice.

Less stress. Satisfied customers. More business. Are you going to make the change? It’s your call.

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