Like all seasonal businesses, HVAC services struggle in the shoulder seasons. When it’s not hot enough to blast the AC or cold enough to justify switching on the heating, HVAC companies often find themselves with fewer appointments.

But just because there’s less business doesn’t mean the bills get any smaller. You still have employees to support and your family too. Trade must continue.

That’s why service agreements are such an important part of keeping your revenue consistent. But they’re not straightforward. Without excellent organization – or tools to facilitate it – they can create as many problems as they solve

But what if there was a way to streamline HVAC service agreements in your business? Benefiting both you and the customer. Well lucky for you, there is!


What are service agreements and the benefits for HAVC services?

HVAC service agreements, sometimes referred to as maintenance agreements, are scheduled HVAC callouts. Like going to the doctor for a check-up or getting your car MOT.

When it’s summer, customers aren’t thinking about the heating nor in the winter are they thinking about air con. But in the shoulder seasons, it’s neither here or there. A perfect time then to book a maintenance call. But customers often forget to book. Then as the weather turns, emergency fixes and desperate phone calls begin and business gets overwhelmed.

A service agreement helps solve this problem. Using an answering service helps schedule maintenance calls and checks out of season. Reducing un-manageable spikes in business during summer and winter. In fact, regular maintenance calls help reduce breakdown risk by 95%. All the while you’re kept with a consistent flow of business.

The best part is it keeps your customer relationships healthy. Maintaining frequent communication with customers means they’ll get to know you better and stay loyal to you in the long run. It’s worth noting too that service agreements are good opportunities to upsell your service as you develop these relationships.


The challenges of service agreements

Improving customer satisfaction should be at the core of your service agreement. But a service agreement is a legally binding contract. They include a range of important factors. Specifying how you’ll be charging for the maintenance work. A list of the work that was carried out and an itinerary of equipment items. 

Fail to meet these agreements and you will face unhappy customers. At the worst, you’ll face legal blowback. You must also know how many calls or visits each customer should receive and keep track of the contract requirements. That’s where a solid answering service comes in.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Using an answering service can help track and streamline your service agreements into your day-to-day management. All from an app.


How an HVAC answering service streamlines your service agreements

You could hire a customer service agent to manage your service agreements. But they come with a mountain of hidden costs. And using an automated answer service has no personal touch. Instead, an HVAC answering service connects you with a live virtual receptionist. They don’t require an office and you can apply them how and when you please.

So when customers inquire about their service agreement, they’re guaranteed to get a human answer. This information is then booked automatically for you to check over when you’re ready. Should you need to make any outbound calls to your customers, they can do that too. All this means relationships with service agreement customers are well cared for and no one slips through the cracks.

Answering services also include a live chat feature. Meaning any customers that get in touch through your web page are catered for too. Overall using an answering service guarantees your meeting the requirements set out in your service agreement. Keeping you in business and customers happy.


Integrate AnswerForce smoothly into your sales platforms

Every call and invoice is reported by your virtual receptionist. These reports are then directly sent to business software like Setmore and Pipedrive. Streamlining your service agreements now becomes quick and easy as well as an efficient way of managing customer data.

It makes organization easy. Collecting payments and planning for your next customer is so easy with an answering service.

Overall, it helps you grow your business. A better HVAC answering service will help create a network of loyal repeat customers that keeps your business thriving no matter the season.