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    New Calls Create New Business.

    With a 24/7 answering service, there's no such thing as an after-hours HVAC call. AnswerForce is there when building plans change at 7pm, when ventilation emergencies occur at 2am, and when curious callers need to book a quote.

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Grow Your HVAC Business with 24/7
Call Answering, Live Chat, and More.

Strong customer relationships enable great first impressions and repeat business for HVAC companies.
With specialty call answering support, a live receptionist team can schedule site visits,
arrange call-backs, and book jobs 24/7.

  • Happy Customers

    Whether it's a faulty heater in winter or a new air conditioning installation during a heatwave, when a customer calls you, they expect professional and timely service. Our live receptionists create a great first impression for your business.

  • Professional Phone Line

    Your company benefits from a professional 800 number, answered by responsive and well-informed agents. Calls are answered by trained agents who follow customized scripts for your business.

  • Lower Business Costs

    With 24/7 access to virtual receptionists, you can limit the cost and time of training new on-site staff. AnswerForce agents can enter call information and schedule appointments on your behalf.


    Why HVAC
    Businesses Choose

    • After-hours call answering
    • Responsive live chat options
    • Live receptionists based in the US and Canada
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A young male from HVAC industry wearing safety gears.
A busy man from HVAC industry wearing blue uniform
A man from HVAC industry wearing blue helmet

Live Answering Services for HVAC Businesses.

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    Gain More Customers
    with 24/7 HVAC Call

    • Experience of handling more than 50 million calls
    • 95% of calls answered in four rings or fewer
    • Partnerships with more than 25,000 businesses

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How will AnswerForce help my HVAC business?

    New inquiries are your growth. We ensure every call is answered promptly, and we reassure callers by guiding them through your team's process. We ask the questions you want us to ask, book appointments, and convert fresh calls into new customers.

  • Will you cover both residential and commercial contracts?

    Yes. All of our call handlers are brought up to speed on the particular requirements of your HVAC company, meaning they are well-equipped to handle calls relating to both sides of the business.

  • How will the virtual receptionists answer my calls?

    95% of our calls are answered within the first four rings, and always with a real human voice. Friendly, proactive communication matters. Every handler is professionally trained and follows a detailed script related to your HVAC business.

  • Do you provide other types of customer service support?

    Alongside 24/7 call answering, your package also includes outbound calls and live web chat. We provide integrations with sales software, scheduling software, and the Teleport video conferencing platform. Our agents can also answer calls from Spanish speakers.

  • How will I receive call summaries?

    Immediately after every call, a summary will be sent to you via the AnswerForce app. If you prefer, these can also be sent via SMS or email. We can also help you with outbound calls, as needed.