Whether you schedule call-outs, estimates, or follow-up calls with customers, every business needs accessible scheduling software.

Setmore is an appointment-scheduling software that helps keep your calendar up to date (and is included in your AnswerForce plan!). You can book call-outs yourself, or rely on our team to schedule appointments on your behalf.

How does the AnswerForce-Setmore integration work?

Once your AnswerForce and Setmore accounts have been integrated, our team of trained virtual receptionists can start scheduling appointments for callers around the clock. 

Whenever someone calls, the receptionists share your availability, and then book the most convenient appointment. The calendar automatically syncs with any updates you make on your side, so it’s always up to date.

A confirmation of the booking is immediately sent to you and your customer, providing peace of mind with 5-star service.

Each appointment is automatically added to your online calendar. Meanwhile, you can continue to focus on the big picture of your business.

Take payments in advance.

As a business owner, you’ll know that payment upfront is always welcome. You’ll be glad to know that AnswerForce receptionists can manage these payments for you during calls, prior to appointments, or site visits. 

Customers also benefit from paying in advance. It gives them greater visibility into how much they should set aside for your services and makes them more likely not to cancel the appointment. If your customers choose to self-book through your Setmore booking page, they can even make secure card transactions online themselves. 

Customize your online booking page.

Setmore makes it easy to showcase your brand. Every Setmore account comes with a customizable online booking page!

Not only can you add your services, availability, pricing and contact details to create a smooth scheduling process. You can also personalize your booking page to showcase your brand by adding your logo and brand colors! This way it’s super easy to boost your credibility and brand awareness.

Avoid last-minute cancellations, with automated reminders.

Last-minute cancellations are bad news for business. It’s a loss of valuable time that could have otherwise been spent with interested customers or working a new lead. Thankfully, the Setmore integration with AnswerForce can help. 

Automated text and email reminders are available for your customers and employees – improving punctuality and attendance rates for appointments, home visits, and more. You can also feature buttons that enable customers to reschedule or cancel appointments independently, helping to maximize productivity for you and your team.

Make it a team effort.

Create staff calendars and give your team more control of their schedule. They’ll be able to see their appointments while out in the field and adjust their schedule to reflect their working hours, break times or leave. Setmore can even sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365 so your team can access the most up to date calendar in the most convenient place for them. 

Having access to an accurate schedule helps boost productivity as your team is able to plan their time more effectively. It also helps build stronger customer relationships as scheduling conflicts can be easily avoided.

Discover more AnswerForce integrations

In addition to Setmore, AnswerForce offers a suite of integrations that can help save your team valuable time. Visit AnswerForce to see every software we can support in order to enhance your business.