Did you know that AnswerForce integrates with HubSpot?

Many business owners use HubSpot to help manage customer contacts with social media, to email, and advertising.

Alongside these important marketing strategies, we also need to consider customer relationships. Of critical importance, business availability helps enable an excellent customer experience. 

That’s where AnswerForce comes in. Our team of professional live receptionists provides 24/7 coverage for your business. Every inbound call related to one of your ad campaigns, every lead responding to an email, every new customer providing contact details — we’re there to provide a welcoming voice for them all. 

It gets better. Our best-in-class service can now integrate with your HubSpot account, meaning you can easily put this call information to use via a seamless transition between systems. 

The AnswerForce-HubSpot integration helps you:

  • Create automated workflows
  • Put customer call data to immediate use
  • Store customer data in one unified system
  • Combine raw sales data with marketing strategies


a cheerful virtual receptionist working on a laptop

See how the AnswerForce-HubSpot integration works

The AnswerForce-HubSpot relationship operates as a one-way integration. Whenever you add or adjust new customer contact information in the AnswerForce app, it will automatically export to your HubSpot account.

Setup is simple. From the AnswerForce dashboard, simply:

  1. Navigate to the “Manage” menu option
  2. Select the “Integrations” tab at the top
  3. Choose HubSpot

You will then be taken through a simple panel with options to configure triggers and contact details, as well as filters for exporting key information to HubSpot.

Not only does this connection between the two types of software remove a cumbersome manual process from your daily duties, it also equips your HubSpot account with essential information to follow up with leads.

Lead contact details and call reports sent by the AnswerForce team will strengthen your marketing efforts. The automatic integration between software means your HubSpot account will be sent round-the-clock customer details. These can be used  for outbound follow up campaigns, alongside targeted social media and email ads.


Learn more in the AnswerForce-HubSpot integration guide

For a more in-depth step-by-step look at how to fully integrate with your HubSpot account, check out this guide: https://www.answerforce.com/support/hubspot-integration.

Whether your current marketing suite is spread across multiple apps, or if you use a consolidated marketing solution, being able to integrate your systems for seamless flow is crucial for business efficiency.

Make sure to explore the full range of AnswerForce software integrations, and reduce some of the excess stress and manual work by connecting your systems today.