Whether you’re starting a career as an appliance technician or a seasoned professional, the right toolkit is essential. Having the appropriate tools can be the key to a seamless and efficient job, preventing a day filled with frustration. 

What tools do appliance repair technicians need?

Appliance repair technicians use specialized tools to identify, troubleshoot, and fix common household appliances. Here’s a list of tools commonly used for various appliance repair jobs to get you started.

  1. Multimeter: A handheld device that measures voltage, current, and resistance. A multimeter is an essential tool for diagnosing electrical issues in appliances.
  2. Wire cutters: For cutting wires, stripping insulation, bending and shaping wires, and removing damaged sections. 
  3. Needle nose pliers: These versatile tools help grip, cut, and bend wires. 
  4. Putty knife: Despite its name, putty knives serve several purposes beyond handling putty. A putty knife can scrape off old adhesive, pry open enclosures without damage, spread substances evenly, and clean hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Step ladder: Essential for reaching high-up places like air conditioning units or overhead ovens.
  6. Extension grabber: This tool can help retrieve small parts or screws that have fallen into difficult places, like behind washing machines or other large appliances.
  7. Replacement parts: Replacement parts such as fuses, switches, and belts can save valuable time and allow you to fix common issues quickly.

In addition, wrench and nut driver sets are essential for any appliance repair tool bag. Let’s break down the individual pieces of these sets in more detail.

Wrench set

A wrench set is a vital tool for appliance repair, consisting of various types of wrenches designed for specific functions. Common components include:

  • Combination wrenches
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Socket wrenches
  • Allen wrenches
  • Ratcheting wrenches
  • Stubby wrenches
  • Open-end/box-end wrenches  

Nut driver set

A nut driver set includes different sizes of nut drivers for various nuts and bolts needed for washing machine repairs. The main components of a nut driver set are: 

  • Magnetic nut drivers
  • Insulated nut drivers
  • Flexible shaft nut drivers
  • T-handle nut drivers
  • Ratcheting nut drivers

Essential appliance repair tools for washing machines 

Washing machines are common household appliances that require regular maintenance and repairs over their ten to 15-year lifespan.

Here’s a list of tools you’ll want to have when performing washing machine repair jobs. 

  • Tub nut wrench: This wrench is a specialized tool used to remove and install the large tub nut found in some washing machines. It helps prevent damage by providing a proper fit for the nut.
  • Socket set: A socket set helps you remove and tighten nuts and bolts, adjust components, and dismantle and reassemble washing machines.
  • Belt tension gauge: This tool measures and adjusts the tension of the drive belt. Proper belt tension is essential for the washing machine to function effectively. By maintaining correct belt tension, you can prevent damage and improve washing machine efficiency.  

How much can an appliance repair technician expect to spend on tools? 

The amount you’ll spend on your set of tools can vary widely depending on the quality, brand, and number of tools required. 

An essential toolkit, including items like the ones in this article, can be relatively affordable. 

For example, a Klein Tools Crimping and Cutting Tool costs $26.99, and a Maxcraft 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer is $12.95. 

On the other hand, more specialized or high-end tools can significantly increase the cost. For instance, a high-quality multimeter can cost over $100. 

The total cost for a comprehensive appliance repair toolkit is usually around $500. 

You’ll need to replace your tools periodically due to wear and tear, which adds to the ongoing costs. You may also invest in additional tools as you expand your skill set and take on more complex repairs. 

Key features to consider when buying appliance repair tools

Remember to assess quality and longevity when choosing which products to purchase. 

Although hunting for a bargain may sound appealing, durable and reliable tools often cost more. By reading product reviews before taking the plunge, you can ensure that your toolkit lasts long enough to be worth the investment.

Beyond quality, price, and brand reputation, consider additional features to maximize the value and utility of your purchase.

  1. Versatility: Some tools can serve multiple purposes, saving you money and space in your toolkit. For example, you can use an adjustable wrench or a multi-bit screwdriver in various situations.
  2. Ergonomics: Tools that are comfortable to hold and use can reduce fatigue and increase efficiency. Look for tools with ergonomic designs and features such as cushioned grips.
  3. Warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind and protect your investment. Check the warranty terms before making a purchase.
  4. Portability: Since you’ll likely travel to various locations for work, consider the size and weight of the tools. A compact, lightweight toolkit can make transportation easier.
  5. Safety: Safety should be a priority when selecting tools. Features like insulated handles on electrical tools can protect against electric shock.

Remember, investing in a proper set of tools can significantly impact the efficiency and quality of your work. Take the time to research and choose wisely! 

It’s worth noting that tools can sometimes break, and some brands may not offer the best quality for their price. Opting for mid-range products with excellent reviews is an effective way to stay within budget while ensuring you don’t compromise on quality.

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