Weather patterns are changing and hurricanes are scaling up year after year. People are displaced and their homes are often ruined. Natural disasters have already cost the economy $2.5 trillion since 2000.  

For restoration firms, the work is constant. Natural disasters are driving even more jobs, so how do you increase your ability to answer when you’re going flat out? Missed calls could mean missed customers, but you can’t stop working to answer every call. It’s a tricky situation. So, here are 3 ways your business can answer the fallout from storms and hurricanes. 

answer more calls, win more business

3 tips for restoration businesses after storms and hurricanes


1. Missed calls = missed opportunities

Hurricanes lead to home emergencies, and customers want a reassuring answer. Most calls make it to voicemail, but when people want help fast, the competition is ready and waiting to take them. Increasing your call-handling abilities helps handle more emergencies and save more customers. Answering more calls = more opportunities. 

2. Don’t let the weather stop you

If large portions of your staff live close by, they all can be affected by the same hurricane. Many staff see storms as a risk to their work life. So, make sure you’re still able to answer calls. This might mean people working from home or from out of the path of a hurricane. Something an answering service with team members across the country is great at delivering.

3. Reputation takes years to make and seconds to destroy

Like a carefully built home, your reputation as a restoration company can easily be damaged in a hurricane. It’s easy to let things slip in the aftermath of a storm. While you pick up the pieces, increasing calls get missed and even current customers can be forgotten. Make sure that at high-stress moments you answer calls in a calm, professional, and reassuring voice.

AnswerForce restoration answering service

AnswerForce has answered thousands of restoration calls. Our team understands the restoration industry and the importance (and potential value) of inbound calls and we can customize how your calls are answered and the information gathered. It’s a cost-effective solution that keeps you in touch with your customers bringing both business and service satisfaction. 

During a hurricane, we are set up to ensure your calls never go unanswered so you don’t need to worry about an employee making it into the office. 

Our teams are based across the USA and Canada, and even the UK, ensuring you get 24/7 coverage, even when the weather is at its worst. Everyone works from quiet, distraction-free locations at home. When you need reliability most, we are here for you.

We also commit to having real people throughout our services. Your customers need to feel heard and supported and only a person can offer that level of empathy. A bot-powered voicemail will never deliver that.

With our restoration receptionists, you can provide the high-quality work your business is known for. Customizable answering scripts can be set, giving you the confidence that every call is being taken just as you want it to be.