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Answer every call with a 24/7 restoration answering service.

Restoration answering service.

A service that scales with you.

Demand changes throughout the year. Scale your service in seconds to respond to changing demand and say hello to limitless growth opportunities.

Easily adapt to meet call surges with ease. Get a restoration phone answering service that scales with your business.

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Solutions built to grow your business. Your plan includes a huge range
of additional services, tools and integrations.

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  • Your restoration receptionists do more than just answer
    calls. Get extra services included in your plan.

    • After-hours answering

    • Lead qualification

    • Bilingual answering

    • Appointment scheduling

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  • Powerful tools to connect your prospects, clients, and team with your business.

    • Mobile app

    • Live chat

    • Business phone line

    • Appointment scheduling

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  • Have call, chat, and appointment information integrated into your field service software, CRM, accounting systems.

    • ServiceTitan

    • Housecall Pro

    • Workiz

    • Zapier

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There for every step.

The first notice of loss is often the trigger that kickstarts a new project. Say goodbye to missed calls and focus on prioritizing the projects that grow your restoration business.

Plus, with a team of 24/7 receptionists, you can meet response times for TPAs and capture more growth opportunities.

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Supporting your callers at all hours.

Calls come in even after you've downed tools down for the day. But you need the freedom to switch off. Give callers a warm greeting from real receptionists regardless of when they reach out with an after-hours answering service.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • How will AnswerForce help my restoration business?

    New inquiries are your growth. We answer every call promptly and professionally. Most importantly, we help callers find exactly what they're looking for from your restoration business. We ask the questions you want us to ask, schedule appointments, and convert callers into customers.

  • Will you cover both residential and commercial restorers?

    Yes. Our team works with both commercial and residential restoration businesses.

  • How will the restorer receptionists answer my calls?

    We answer 95% of calls within the first four rings. Our receptionists are professionally trained and follow detailed scripts developed with you on setup.

  • Do you provide other types of customer service support?

    Yes. Alongside 24/7 call answering, your plan also includes options for appointment scheduling, lead capture & qualification, outbound calls and live chat. Our agents can also answer calls from Spanish speakers with our bilingual answering service.

  • How will I receive call summaries?

    We send you detailed call summaries immediately after every call via the AnswerForce app. If you prefer, we can send you these messages via SMS or email. And with a range of integrations, we can even send caller information directly to your job management software.

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