Pledge People,
Not Bots.

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“We Pledge People,
Not Bots.

At AnswerForce, we're dedicated to putting people first and keeping the service industry human. We're committed to keeping real people at the heart of customer service and our business.

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Pledge people not bots

Pledging for the Future.

AnswerForce is part of Pledge People, Not Bots to protect the future of real people in customer-facing roles. We are here to help our customers grow and build trust with their customers - this happens when real people are involved.

We pledge to:

  • customer service

    Always use real people in
    customer service roles

  • virtual receptionist

    Not to use chatbots or other AI when connecting with another person

  • giving back icon

    Prioritise people and
    giving back

Real care is a
people thing.

Human connection is the foundation of the service industry. People want to be heard and feel supported, especially in an emergency.

But AI can't hear you - it's an imitation of a real person.

construction crew talking

of people think companies should have to disclose when they're using AI instead of real people, most don't.*

People and AI.

Companies look to AI to perform complex and repetitive tasks.

But AI should never be allowed to replicate real, meaningful human communication. Connection is a people thing. Let's keep it that way.

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prefer to speak to a real person over AI or a chatbot when they contact a business.*

Proudly people-powered.

We believe only real people can offer the connection you
need to build lasting relationships with your customers.

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