Did you know you can integrate Constant Contact with AnswerForce?

Integrating both accounts can help streamline your email marketing process.

Our professional team of virtual receptionists work night and day, 365 days a year, to answer inbound calls on behalf of small businesses across the US and Canada. Details from these calls can be integrated into Constant Contact.

You can put the benefits of this integration to work via email marketing hosted on Constant Contact. For wider marketing strategies, Constant Contact also includes ecommerce, social media, and website creation tools.

By integrating AnswerForce and Constant Contact, you can:

  • Automatically update your Constant Contact directory with new leads
  • Streamline your email campaigns by reducing manual tasks
  • Perform A/B tests across your full list of leads
  • Grow your social and website presence

By being continuously available, your business can capture new opportunities and provide authentic, empathetic service. 


How to integrate AnswerForce and Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers a user-friendly integration process, connecting with thousands of popular and customized apps.

After creating a Constant Contact account, simply use the software to search for available app integrations in order to find AnswerForce. Alternatively, AnswerForce customers can navigate through the AnswerForce account dashboard and search for Constant Contact in the integrations menu.

As AnswerForce receptionists answer your inbound calls, they take note of important case details, such as the caller’s contact information and the nature of their inquiry. By integrating with Constant Contact, this new lead contact information will automatically sync with the email platform.

This flow between systems reduces the time spent on manual processes. It frees you up to focus on the more important aspects of your email campaign.

Additionally, at the close of every call, the AnswerForce team will forward a call report to you directly, via the AnswerForce app. These call summaries contain all the pertinent data that you need to serve customers.


Explore more AnswerForce integrations

Although critical for success, email campaigns are only one part of your overall marketing strategy. To offer your customers a high-quality experience, your business likely uses a variety of different platforms.

Explore the full suite of AnswerForce integrations to discover other ways to streamline your business operations: https://www.answerforce.com/support/integrations/