The Challenge

Accountable Exteriors specialize in exterior restoration. In their own words they are dependable, explainable, and reliable. Following several years of rapid growth, they faced a serious problem: they were missing calls and as a result, they were missing out on potential leads.

Accountable exteriors


“The challenge was clear – we were missing leads by not always being available.”
Jacquelynn Espey, Marketing Specialist, Accountable Exteriors

The increasing demand for their services meant more calls were coming in – day and night

Unfortunately, Accountable Exteriors didn’t have the internal resources to respond to all of these calls quickly, leading to missed opportunities. When a potential customer would call after hours or when the office was unattended, they’d usually just leave a voicemail or hang up.

Many of these calls were potential leads. Accountable Exteriors knew that if they could just nurture them properly, they would see significant growth in their business. 

“To better vet the calls that come through to our business lines and to cover after-hours calls, we searched for a company that met all of our needs.”
Jacquelynn Espey, Marketing Specialist, Accountable Exteriors

Finding the Right Partner

The pain of missed leads shone a light on the importance of a 24/7 answering service that Accountable Exteriors could rely on. To tackle this challenge, Accountable Exteriors conducted in-depth research. They selected AnswerForce to give them the support they needed. The biggest factors in choosing AnswerForce to support them were that AnswerForce is a US-based answering service, has a clear pricing structure, allows for easy, personalized scripting, and it has a great reputation.

AnswerForce provided a round-the-clock service, ensuring calls were not only answered but that every lead was vetted and properly nurtured. 

Accountable Exteriors also used AnswerForce’s Live Chat feature, providing an additional communication channel for their customers. Live Chat allows them to interact with potential clients in real-time. 

accountable exteriors


“After some review, we selected AnswerForce, and it has been such a blessing. We are able to vet calls through the scripting to save our time and never miss a viable lead.”

Jacquelynn Espey, Marketing Specialist, Accountable Exteriors

The Results

Partnering with AnswerForce has made a measurable difference to Accountable Exteriors’ lead capture process.

“It has likely connected us with around 60% of the leads we would’ve never been able to reach again.”

Jacquelynn Espey, Marketing Specialist, Accountable Exteriors

That 60% leap in leads captured has done more than just benefit the business’s profitability. Before working with AnswerForce, many Accountable Exterior employees had to handle calls out-of-hours.  Now, not only are leads captured by experienced professionals 24/7, but Accountable Exteriors’ people are happier too.

“It’s so great to capture leads while also giving your employees an opportunity for a better work-life balance.”

Jacquelynn Espey, Marketing Specialist, Accountable Exteriors

Looking Ahead

Partnering with  AnswerForce has allowed Accountable Exteriors to grow in a way that feels sustainable – but this is only the beginning. 

Investing in customer service support will continue to pay dividends as the business grows. 

Better lead capture, happy team members, and a stronger brand image. That’s everything that Accountable Exteriors was looking for when choosing a call answering service, and now they have it 24/7, thanks to AnswerForce. 

Want to stop missing leads and start growing your business like Accountable Exteriors? Partner with AnswerForce and give your lead generation a boost today.