Messaging is core to how we communicate today. We send more than 23 billion every day. Your customers are part of this too. Think Facebook, WhatsApp, websites and apps – messaging is everywhere. 

If you’re on a job, operating machinery, or enjoying game day, customer chats are easy to miss. If you don’t respond fast enough, a competitor will, then they’re gone for good. And so is a potential customer.

Using live chat with your answering service, you can capture every single one of those messages. Or chats as some people call them. Like a call, people expect a chat to be answered quickly, so it pays to have someone ready to answer. Especially before any of your competitors. And you don’t even need to turn your phone on to respond.

How can live chat help your business? Here are 4 key ways.


Fast response time – a competitive advantage

Most Home Services companies take 5 hours to reply to customers via social media. You’ll take seconds. Using a live chat feature lets customers know they’re being listened to 24/7.

You know how competitive your industry is. There are plenty of other services waiting to pick up your missed customers. So when a customer has a question, it pays to respond quickly. Putting more money in your pocket and the good reviews you deserve.

Don’t waste any more time. A service like AnswerForce bases all of its representatives out of North America. Not only are your customers getting improved response times but from someone who knows and understands them.


Improve customer relationships 

Great business starts with a conversation. Customers need to be able to ask questions when they surface. That’s why live chat is key in helping your home service business grow. Even when a customer is just browsing your site, they now have the chance to begin building trust in you.

A faster response time over your competitors shows customers you’re more than ready to get the job done, putting their homes, offices and lives back to normal. From there the trust they have in your business only increases. Once the client knows you’re right for the job, that’s your chance to bring that service home. 


Get to the answer faster

You are the multi-tool of home maintenance. So, it’s important for customers to know which tool to choose. With live chat, customers can find the service they need.

Cracks and damage, stains or stinks, no one can tell when they’ll come up. Some customers will panic and some are just impatient to see them gone. Live chat is a virtual ear for those problems if it’s just a reassuring message or somewhere to direct frustration, make sure you’re there.

Live chat helps customers communicate their problems so you can find the best solution. Saving time, confusion, and generating a possible sale.

You can’t solve all of your customer’s problems. But a live chat service helps you identify them 24/7. The best part is you don’t even need to take your foot off the gas. While our representatives get to the heart of your customer’s issues, you’re free to tackle the jobs in your workflow.


No one goes on hold

You run a busy schedule. But so do potential customers. Some people are hesitant about talking over the phone. And if you put them on hold, they’re gone. It’s a client killer. Live chat offers flexibility for customers to respond how and when they want. So, when they’ve figured out what they’re after, you’re ready to serve them.

Most customers only develop questions as they browse your site. Responding via live chat means questions about your service get answered on the spot. Removing the barrier of having to make conversation.

Grey phone on wall

Phone calls just aren’t as satisfying as they used to be. In fact, 75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel. That’s why live chat is so valuable. It means you’re waiting on the sidelines to guarantee potential customers get heard and cared for. You know listening to your customer’s needs is the best way for them to build faith in your service and live chat offers exactly that.

Overall, live chat helps ease the process of talking to your customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small. Being available is what matters to them.

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