What it takes to have great HVAC techs is changing. The digitization of HVAC has happened at a rapid pace in the last five years, with both systems and business tools improving. There’s no more carrying reference books around for calculations or waiting for your team to get back to the office with forms. If you want your team to look like they know what they’re doing, then being digital matters. The best HVAC apps let you be efficient, give your techs information at their fingertips, and make your team look like pros to your clients.

Using the right HVAC apps, your techs can make calculations on the job with ease, run diagnostics on furnaces and AC units, continue to learn about the latest tools, and help your business run efficiently.

In short, giving your team the right digital tools is as important as the physical tools. Here is a list of 10 apps you can use to be both efficient and provide great customer service.

10 of the best HVAC apps for growing your business

From service manual libraries to fault finders, HVAC software to customer experience, here are 10 apps for HVAC businesses looking to grow.

  • CoolCloud HVAC App
  • CE HVAC Contractor Assist App
  • HVAC Buddy App
  • HVAC School
  • HVAC Refrigerant PT App
  • HVACR Fault Finder App
  • HVAC Check & Charge App
  • HVAC Practice Test App
  • Your HVAC software’s app
  • AnswerForce App

CoolCloud HVAC app

The CoolCloud HVAC app lets contractors wirelessly connect with Goodman and Amana air handlers and furnace control boards via Bluetooth. It streamlines servicing and maintenance, allows configuration adjustments, offers equipment status updates, and simplifies diagnostics. 

It also provides access to fault code history. By using this app, technicians can save time and effort, offering a higher level of service to your customers and improving overall equipment performance.

CE HVAC Contractor Assist app

CE HVAC PRO is a free app for HVAC technicians that offers real-time product availability, pricing, order status, and access to tech specs. It also features video and text chat technical support, warranty verification, and inventory management with EasyStock. Not to mention the various calculators for PT, superheats, and duct calculations. 

HVAC Buddy app

HVAC Buddy is a refrigerant charging and diagnostic app that aims to simplify HVAC servicing. It calculates superheat for fixed capillary systems and subcooling for TXV/EXV systems. It also compares targeted and actual subcooling values and supports over 100 refrigerants. The app also includes airflow, Delta-T, and TEET calculations, email system status reports, and line chart displays for historical values. 

With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, HVAC Buddy becomes an indispensable tool for technicians. It enables them to diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately, ensuring optimal system performance and satisfied customers.

HVAC School

Whether you’re bringing in new people or helping your techs keep up to date with industry developments, HVAC School is a great tool for gaining knowledge. With videos, podcasts, quizzes, and more, this app makes it easy to keep upskilling yourself and your team.

HVAC Refrigerant PT app

HVAC Refrigerant PT is designed for air conditioning pros. It has pressure and temperature charts, bubble point, dew point, and refrigeration color codes. It also offers easy access to refrigerant PT charts, with user-selectable settings for refrigerant type, temperature, and pressure.

HVACR Fault Finder app

Emerson Climate Technologies’ HVACR Fault Finder app provides on-site compressor troubleshooting for AC and refrigeration systems. It grants access to compressor specs and system diagnosis, with an interactive troubleshooting guide, manuals, videos, and module LED descriptions. This HVAC app also supports Comfort Alert, CoreSense Technology, and Copeland Scroll Digital Controller, making it a powerful tool for fault finding.

HVAC Check & Charge app

The HVAC Check & Charge app calculates the correct refrigerant charge for various systems including superheat, subcooling, or airflow. The app supports a variety of refrigerants, offers Imperial and Metric support, and provides PT charts and a superheat target calculator. 

This mobile app brings the traditional sliding cardboard charge calculators into the digital age, ensuring accurate charge calculations every time they’re needed.

HVAC Practice Test app

HVAC Test Pro offers free practice tests, flashcards, and detailed score reports to prepare for HVAC exams. Covering topics like HVAC basics, controls, electrical, oil and gas heating, and IMC code, the app tracks user performance. This HVAC app can be a great tool for your team as an additional resource for internal training

Your HVAC software’s app

Whatever HVAC software you’re using, from ServiceTitan to Jobber, FieldEdge to Workiz, there’s an app for that. It’s the best way to keep your team connected when they’re on a job. Leave paper forms and clipboards behind, get the information straight into the app so you can run your business efficiently and keep on top of every job.

AnswerForce app

The AnswerForce app keeps you connected to your HVAC business, no matter where you are. Get instant notifications of new calls, messages, and appointments, as well as a business phone line and team chats. The app is the easiest way to set your availability for your HVAC receptionists and stay on top of your business. 


How to choose apps for your techs

When deciding which of these apps you need for your techs consider both what they need and how they’re going to use the apps. Some will perform multiple functions, others might only be used occasionally. Encourage your techs to use tools in their own way and find what works for both them and you.

Interested in finding out more about the AnswerForce app and how it works in your plan? Book a demo with one of our team today.