Simplify with a business phone line.

Get a dedicated phone number for business calls

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A unique business number for all calls.

Separate your business and personal life with a
unique business number for all customer calls.

Using a single device, you can keep your existing number, while adding a business phone line.

It's easy: a business phone line comes with all plans.

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Incoming calls.

  • Keep your personal line private
  • Set up your preferred call flow
  • Send calls to receptionists or your team
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Outgoing calls.

  • Build trust by using a local area code
  • Conduct business more efficiently
  • Keep your existing number, even if you relocate
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  • Share updates via the AnswerForce app
  • Send or receive updates via text
  • Keep business messages separate from personal
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simple service, great result

Here's how it works.

Setting up a business phone line? It's quick and simple. Find out more below.

  • 1. Start today

    You can sign-up and activate service in a matter of minutes. Together, we'll customize your script and arrange call forwarding, based on your preferences. During your first welcome call, you can also activate a business phone line.

  • 2. Forward your calls

    To fully activate the service, you'll need to forward your first call to us. We can help, if you'd like support. You can also talk to us about integrations. We'll give you the code to capture call data on your preferred platforms.

  • 3. Receive notifications

    You'll receive a summary of every call or chat supported by AnswerForce. Time-saving integrations can also automate business processes. You can also use your plan's minutes on call-backs or outbound lead follow-up.

Better yet, hear for yourself.

Sample a pre-recorded call demo.
Go on, give it a try.

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human-centric customer service

Capture more leads with the
support of caring receptionists.

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24/7 Live Answering

Give customers personal attention, with
every call answered by a helpful team.

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Virtual Receptionists

Being virtual means we support you from
our home offices, 24/7.

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Call Center Solutions

Tap into a flexible call center model. Benefit
from the stability of a distributed team.

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24/7 Appointment Setting

Make it easy for customers to arrange
call-outs, book site visits, and more.

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After Hours Call Answering

Keep your business open around the clock.
Get more time back... we'll get the phone.

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Bilingual Answering

From hola to hello, friendliness is universal.
Find it in Spanish-English call answering.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Can I use my existing number as a business phone line?

    Absolutely. Simply forward your calls whenever you need us, and we'll take it from there.

  • Can a toll-free number be used for a business phone line?

    Yes. Choose from a pool of toll-free numbers, provided by AnswerForce. Your customers will thank you!

  • How does the app support my business phone line?

    You can make outbound calls via your business phone line, using the AnswerForce app.

  • Can I set up a business phone line at a later date?

    Absolutely. Get in touch with us when you're ready.

Start your 24/7 answering service.

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