Want to stay connected via the AnswerForce-webhook integration?

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to stay connected with your customers. They expect responsive and agile communication when contacting a business.

Whether your customers get in touch by a phone call, email, or live chat, each interaction must be taken care of successfully. One way of achieving this is by using the AnswerForce-webhook integration. 


First off, what is a webhook?

In layman’s terms, a webhook can be defined as a way for apps to communicate automatically with one another. It is essentially how different apps talk to each other.

This means that when a special event occurs (e.g. a sale) information can be automatically sent over to the other party (e.g. a customer receipt). A webhook is therefore a great way to create notification functions and event responses in real-time.

Webhooks can benefit businesses that experience a high volume of customer requests. Those requests may relate to sales, inquiries, or messages. Webhooks essentially put your communication on autopilot — keeping both the customer and your business informed. 


How does the AnswerForce-webhook integration work?

AnswerForce helps businesses stay open 365 days a year, thanks to a team of virtual receptionists helping answer calls at all times of the day or night. 

As the first line of contact, we can help capture vital information to ensure your callers’ requests are taken care of promptly. The webhook integration can improve this support even further. 

A webhook integration will automatically push data from your AnswerForce account to a URL you register. You’ll see real-time information with no pulling or the need for manual data entry. 

AnswerForce receptionists can record key information to keep track of your customer relationships. From the caller’s name, email address, contact number, to the reason for calling, all of this vital information is documented accurately and carefully. 

At the end of every phone call, a webhook can be deployed to send the caller’s information directly to your preferred business platforms. You may choose to action opportunities via an integration with Constant Contact, or a HubSpot integration, as examples. You can also track this information internally through an alternative method.

For any phone call or live chat conversation completed, the contact details and reason for calling will be sent directly to your customer management system in realtime. You can then view any customer inquiries with ease, and action tasks accordingly. 


Discover more webhook integration features

If you’re a service provider, then the AnswerForce-webhook integration has some additional features that can benefit your business. One of these involves the ability to create custom responses for trigger events.

For example, if a customer was to call up your business to request information regarding a particular service (i.e. the event) then an email can be sent across automatically (i.e the trigger) to the customer. This enables you to send across additional details and resources that could assist the customer. 

Some of our clients have used a webhook integration to automate the process of sending across different pricing plans, service details, and various other resources. If a caller could benefit from viewing one of your resources, then the AnswerForce-webhook integration could be incredibly valuable.  

AnswerForce-webhook integration benefits also include:

  • More efficient communications
  • Better accuracy via automation
  • Saving of time and effort
  • Lower operational costs 


Integrating AnswerForce and webhooks

To activate the webhook integration with your AnswerForce account, you simply need to contact your dedicated account manager. They will later arrange to schedule a meeting with you to organize and complete the integration. 

AnswerForce offers a number of different integrations to accommodate your business needs. To maximize the efficiency and power of your business, a mix of integrations can often provide the optimal approach.

Want to explore more AnswerForce integrations? Visit https://www.answerforce.com/support/integrations/.