Fulfill, based in New Jersey, is our latest Giving Back program partner. Working in Monmouth and Ocean counties, FulFill started their work in 1984 and hasn’t stopped since. 

In 2022 alone they have seen an increase in demand for people looking for help of over 60%.

How Fulfill helps

Fulfill gets meals to people in need in various different ways. Through mobile setups, home deliveries, and their own pantries they supply a network of 300 food pantries. Already in 2022, they’ve delivered 11 million meals.

Garden education is also vital for Fulfill. At schools and community centres, they’ve been teaching people how to grow their own food. So far they’ve produced over 4000lbs of fresh food.

Delivering meals only goes halfway to solving the issue of food insecurity. How can people find a way out? 

FulFill provides a 12-week culinary training programme. It helps people make better use of the food around them and develop new skills. These skills go on to open career options and a way out of food insecurity. 

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is a lack of consistent access to enough food or resources for an active or healthy lifestyle. It comes in many forms and can happen to anyone.

With rising inflation rates, people across America still struggle to keep healthy food on the table. The battle against hunger is far from over. It’s estimated that 34 million people suffer from food insecurity with 9 million being children.

This year our Giving Back program has helped deliver more than 600,000 meals to people facing food insecurity. From Utah Food Bank (where 1 in 7 children in their state don’t know where their next meal is coming from), to communities in Idaho donating meals and raising awareness of food deserts, one common theme – in the words of United Food Bank‘s Grace Bishara – “you never know who is struggling.”

How you help

Fulfill can’t answer the call of food insecurity alone. It’s why businesses like AnswerForce are vital in helping achieve their mission. By donating monthly, AnswerForce helps food banks with the necessary funding for their work. And, we’re only able to do this because of our loyal customers! 

It’s not just through AnswerForce that you can make a difference. You can help out in your local community. Many community centres and supermarkets will have foodbank donation points. You can also Google your nearest foodbank centre and volunteer directly.

Although food insecurity continues to grow, each time you use our service you’re helping support and rebuild communities across North America. You’re making all the difference. Thank you.