Tutoring plays an extraordinary role in transforming children’s lives for the better.

Within AnswerForce, a unique group of receptionists sees this on a daily basis. These dedicated receptionists answer calls on behalf of Mathnasium, a global math-tutoring franchise.

During these calls — which often culminate in a new client consultation being booked — the receptionists actively listen. Layers of emotion can drive the desire to provide the best possible outcomes for a child. At each turn, the team exhibits sensitivity and professionalism. By booking follow-up consultations, these receptionists proactively initiate good outcomes.

Supporting Mathnasium franchises

Why the AnswerForce – Mathnasium partnership succeeds.

1.) New student lead capture and appointment booking

Many franchise owners want to be as closely involved as possible during new client consultations. That makes sense! But it can be incredibly time-intensive to chase leads if you miss the first call, or don’t have someone immediately available to speak.

That’s where having the support of a trained live receptionist can make all the difference: When someone is ready to act, you must have the resource in place to proactively respond, typically by ensuring a follow-up meeting gets booked.

And if you use a lead scheduler, your live receptionist team will happily schedule assessments, trials, or follow-up calls, based on preferences.

2.) Full integration with Radius and other platforms

Moving forward, all new Mathnasium accounts will have their Radius integrations automatically configured.

Here’s what it means for franchisees: New lead information gets incorporated within the script. Following a call, details of a lead get pushed directly into Mathnasium’s customer relationship management system.

This helps associates deliver an even better service for both the caller and the franchise. The new feature launched as a result of AnswerForce partnering with Mathnasium to roll out service enhancements for live call answering, web chat, and integrations.

3.) Overflow call answering support when required

Mathnasium franchise owners are highly talented. To help all kids become confident in math, each franchise uses the Mathnasium Method. It’s an intensive, committed process delivered at individual level.

With that in mind, a franchise owner can’t always be on the phone. At any given time, franchisees may be engaged in consultations, training and support, business management, or many other areas. By using an overflow call answering service, Mathnasium franchisees can spend more time delivering exceptional outcomes for kids at all stages.


We’re honored to support Mathnasium franchises along this incredible journey of improving confidence in children. We can’t wait to meet more franchisees from the Mathnasium community.