Happy National IT Professionals Day!

On this day, we salute the hardworking folks who keep the backend systems of business running. Whether you provide IT support on or off premise, let there be no doubt of the value you bring.

As an IT professional, your remit encompasses many responsibilities. Always near the top, is the expectation that your knowledge and skills will bring greater efficiency to the workplace.

Discover how a live answering partner can help support ticket management and more.


Integrating customer service with ticket management

Does your customer service integrate with your ticket management system? It should, ideally. Inefficient flows can delay ticket resolution. They can also incur additional, unnecessary costs.

As a starting point, make sure your customer service solution integrates with Autotask.

By integrating Autotask with your virtual help desk or support line, tickets can be populated as soon as issues are reported. Your team can then begin triaging and actioning them accordingly.

A busy IT team will be able to allocate more time and resources to ticket resolution, when you offload part of the customer service process to a team of trained receptionists whose primary focus is providing world-class service.


Offering ticket support outside of office hours

When planning customer service for IT users, you should aim to provide 24/7 customer support, be it over the phone or web chat. That can be a costly undertaking, if managed entirely in-house. Have you considered a flexible alternative, or even blending in-house with a partnership?

By outsourcing ticket intake, in full or in part, you can free your team to focus on ticket resolution and other strategic deliverables. This approach can enable your team to consistently meet or exceed SLAs. 

Outsourcing ticket intake can be both cost effective and flexible, particularly if using a distributed live answering model. This means that calls and chats can be answered in all timezones, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you simply want to supplement your in-house resources, in order to free more time for IT to pursue strategic deliverables, or whether you’re considering a full outsourcing of the ticket intake process, AnswerForce can help. With 24/7 call answering and web chat, you can delight stakeholders, 365 days a year.