In a consistently competitive market, personalization for your customers is key in gaining their trust. It’s what your industry relies on. You can save everyone’s number into your phone, but can an answering service be personalized? With verified contacts, AnswerForce will not only answer with a human hello, but also know exactly who is calling. 

While some businesses may struggle in 2023, this won’t be you. By personalizing your service through verified contacts you’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace and improve your efficiency.

What are verified contacts?

Verified contacts allows you to save customer, client, and employee information to your contacts list. This reduces the need for callers to repeat their details.

Customers constantly repeating their details over the phone is a huge pain point. Not only does this make you look unprofessional, but your customers won’t feel very welcome when you can’t remember their name or have to tell you their address for the third time.

You can set up verified contacts as soon as you sign up to AnswerForce. The AnswerForce app allows you to add your contacts and any other personal touches you need to your account. Virtual receptionists also help you out. Callers who ring three times are automatically verified.

If you would like more information on how verified contacts help with the personalization of your business, you can book a demo or call us at (800) 461-8535.


Why personalization in your business is important.

1. Improved customer service

Strong customer service is crucial for any business’s growth. Over 80% of people (Trustpilot) use customer service as a factor in their purchasing decision. 

Verified contacts help with the personalization of your service every time a customer calls. You’ll be able to greet them with their names and any other important notes through AnswerForces verified contacts. 

Your customers will welcome this level of customer service and remember you next time there’s a home emergency. All by adding this personalized level of service.


2. Save time

Knowing the team that keeps your business running is vital for your employee’s happiness and efficiency. Having to ask for your employee’s name and position every time they call is annoying and inefficient.

Cutting out this process lets your employees reach the right person as fast as possible. It also helps them feel part of the business when you personally greet them. 

Saving time through verified contacts also increases your plan value with AnswerForce. You’ll make the most of every interaction with your customers and maximize every minute of your plan.


3. Enhance your reputation

A business that knows its customers details when they call shows a level of professionalism. It shows you are organized and that you care. If you’re a small business, this can make your company seem twice the size.

Customers want to be assured your business is right for them. Having an element of personalization and an organized administration shows exactly that. Especially for a small business.

Further steps for personalization.

Through 24/7 answering and live virtual receptionists, you can help capture more calls and win more business. You’ll be answering more calls than ever before and offering a level of service your customers will never forget.

Book a demo with AnswerForce today and see the many other ways we can help you personalize and grow your business.