Did you know that AnswerForce integrates with Zendesk?

Nowadays customers can get in touch with your business in several different ways. Whether that is through webchat, email, phone calls, or social media, it is important to provide a responsive and personalized experience every time. 

However, it is challenging to manage these different channels simultaneously. As a result, this leads to poor responsiveness and communication.

But don’t worry, because Zendesk offers a fantastic solution. It functions like a help desk where you can store all of your customer inquiries in one place.

In other words, it makes it incredibly easy for your business to organize customer relationships. All you need to do is answer the inquiries. 

That is where AnswerForce comes in. We will act as the first point of contact, ensuring excellent customer service, while using the Zendesk integration to assign customer requests. 

By integrating AnswerForce and Zendesk, you can:

  • Automatically send tickets to the Zendesk CRM system
  • Provide omnichannel customer service
  • Manage your CRM more effectively
  • Leverage data and analytics
  • Improve responsiveness

First of all, what is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a help desk system. It works by sourcing all of your customer inquiries (e.g. from social media, webchat, phone calls) and storing them in one place. 

This makes it easy to organize and manage customer relationships. Best of all, you can use Zendesk to manage the workflow of customer inquiries. 

In sum, it helps your team engage with customers by presenting the tickets in an organized sequence. 

What exactly is a Zendesk ticket?

A ticket is simply a customer support request. For example, this could be a request to resolve an issue with an order. 

The tickets can be assigned to particular members of staff, grouped by priority, and shown by status (i.e. new or open).  As a result, the prioritization and progress of tickets can enable strong customer service. 

How does the AnswerForce-Zendesk integration work?

Once you have activated the AnswerForce-Zendesk integration, every chat handled by our receptionists will be recorded in a single place. As soon as they have finished speaking with the customer, a ticket will be created in the Zendesk app. 

As a result, this allows customers to reach out to your business 24/7, 365 days a year. Above all else, it means that your customers will receive excellent customer service by speaking to our professional and friendly team.

Discover more about the integration features

It is important to recognize that Zendesk is not just a CRM system. This is because a CRM system merely provides a database of customer information. 

Instead, Zendesk offers a lot more than this. With the AnswerForce integration, Zendesk can help your business to grow with the following features:

First, Zendesk uses data and analytics to provide you valuable insights into your customer relationships. For instance, it can generate information regarding your top customer inquiries, speed of replies, and the success rate of helping customers. 

Second, it can help to improve the productivity of your sales team. For example, any new customer inquiries are instantly updated on Zendesk—allowing your sales team to reach out faster and easier.

Third, the AnswerForce-Zendesk integration provides increased usability. Because this integration does not interfere with your regular activities, it is a lot easier to implement than other systems. 

How do you integrate AnswerForce and Zendesk?

Activating the AnswerForce-Zendesk integration is simple. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open up your AnswerForce account.
  2. Click the Integrate button on the left side of the window.
  3. Enter your Zendesk username and password to allow access to AnswerForce.
  4. Confirm the action by clicking allow. The integration will now be activated.

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