Zendesk + AnswerForce integration

Run a smooth help desk through the AnswerForce and Zendesk integration. Automatically export call and live chat messages into a centralized helpdesk. 

This way, your employees can better prioritize and follow up with customer tasks.

How does AnswerForce integrate with Zendesk?

Step 1

Log into the AnswerForce app. Select Manage Account. Then click Advanced Settings.

From here, click Integrations. Then select ‘Zendesk’.

zendesk and answerforce integration interface

Step 2

This screen will appear. Click the blue ‘Integrate’ button.

integrate zendesk with answerforce

Step 3

Next, you’ll see a trigger selection. Set your preference, then click ‘Continue’.

trigger selection for zendesk and answerforce integration

Step 4

A pop-up will appear. Enter your Zendesk username and password. Then click ‘Continue’ for AnswerForce.

zendesk and answerforce integration

Step 5

Click on ‘+connect’ to connect your Zendesk account.

connect zendesk account to answerforce

Step 6

Set up an action. 

AnswerForce Zendesk integration step 6

Step 7

Select the target list in Zendesk where contacts will be exported. Map the AnswerForce fields to the corresponding Zendesk attributes and click ‘Continue’.

AnswerForce Zendesk integration step 7

Step 8

Test the integration by clicking ‘Test’.

AnswerForce Zendesk integration step 8

Step 9

When the test is successful, you’ll see the message ‘Test Success’. To complete the process, click ‘Finish’.

AnswerForce Zendesk integration step 9