Can I have dedicated associates for my account?

Sure! We do have the option of having one or more dedicated call handlers to handle calls exclusively for your account.

For further information and pricing, contact us at customercare@answerforce.com or call 1.800.461.8520.

Can you take orders for me?

We are happy to help

Just give us the website URL where the orders will be placed and we will input the information for your customers.

We can generally ask about five questions to facilitate the process.

Can you make outbound calls for me?

Our Virtual Receptionists can make outbound calls on behalf of your business.

There are two ways to trigger outbound calls from us to your customers. In each case, the outbound calls use the same pool of minutes as your inbound calls.

  1. From a Web Form: If you have a Web form on your site to collect your visitors’ contact info, you can send the submissions to us and our receptionists will call them.

  2. From an Email Address: You can set up an email address and share it with your customers, and then forward it to us. We’ll dial out to people when they email you.

Want to get started with outbound calls? Contact us at customercare@answerforce.com or 1.800.461.8520 to set it up.